Perseverance Pays Off for DeSoto Parish Schools

Recently the Louisiana Department of Education publicly released the simulated results of the 2020-21 School and District Performance Scores. Desoto continues to lead Northwest Louisiana in overall District Performance, while also entering into the top 10 districts statewide, coming in as the 9th highest performing school system in the state. The district outperformed the statewide average in overall performance by 12.6 points with a simulated DPS score of 87.9, 0.4 points below the previously released Pre-COVID performance scores for the 2018-19 school year.

“We are thankful to receive the simulated data which gives us a picture of the previous year while taking into account the many challenges faced by students and staff along the way”, said Superintendent Clay Corley. “This data is integral in helping us better understand our schools’ strengths and areas for improvement.”

DeSoto students showed overall growth in the K-8 and High School Progress Index, which is a measure of individual student growth from year to year.  The largest area of growth was noted in the Cohort Graduation Rate Index which is determined by the number of students who graduate within a four-year timeline, and Strength of Diploma, which is determined by the advanced opportunities and credentials a student can earn beyond the typical high school diploma. 

Logansport High School had the largest overall growth in the district of 5.0 points.  The school’s performance score grew from 83.4 to 88.4. “Our children deserve the best we have, and we give them that every minute of every day,” said Logansport Principal Diana Curtis. “We are grateful to be able to celebrate this success with our tiger family and our community,”.

Dale Morvan, District 7 Board Member stated, ”As a Logansport Tiger, I am proud of the work done by Mrs. Curtis and her team at LHS, but as Board President, I am also extremely grateful for the hard work of all of our students, faculty, and staff across the entire district.”

North DeSoto High School grew to an SPS of 100.6 with North DeSoto Middle School close behind at (99.3).  Both schools also showed considerable growth during the pandemic, raising their SPS by 2.7 points respectively.  Mansfield Middle School also showed growth from the previous years’ SPS in a year that challenged all schools, nationwide.

Bridget Flanders, Director of Student Learning, remarked, “I am always proud of DeSoto, but today I am excited that we are able to share the latest and greatest from our students. I have seen their tireless efforts as they adjust to the world around them and I have seen the school system and their families who love them rise to a new level of commitment to holistically support them.  The word perseverance does not seem to do it justice. I look forward to seeing the results of the practices DeSoto has in place to continually support our students and help each one rise to new heights.”

Approximately 80% of DeSoto Parish Schools are designated as “Top Gains” schools which means they received an “A” in the area of student achievement progress.  Those schools are Logansport High, Mansfield Elementary, North Desoto Lower Elementary, North Desoto Upper Elementary, North Desoto Middle, North DeSoto High, and Stanley High. 

In closing Corley surmised, “While the body of work done by our students, teachers, and staff can never be fully measured by test scores alone, we are proud of the academic performance of our students and the resilience of our teachers, administrators, staff, and families during these unprecedented times. I am grateful for a supportive board and an amazing community that continues to hold high expectations for us as a system and provides us the necessary resources to meet and exceed those expectations along the way.  Together, we are #DeSotoStrong!”

News release from DeSoto Schools.