Appeal Court Candidates Speak

The Republican Party of DeSoto Parish invited the candidates for Judge of the Court of Appeal to lunch on Thursday.  They also invited parish residents interested in the race to attend.

The first speaker was Judge Erin Leigh Waddell Garrett.  She outlined her background, her service as a judge, and her work ethic.  She said, “I’ve always worked since I was 14 including teaching school and I worked my way through college.” 

Garrett said she has broad experience in the law.  “I have practiced law in every parish in the state,” she added, “and I have represented people like you and me in all sorts of legal matters including unpaid insurance claims, wills and trusts, oil and gas and adoptions.”

Garrett concluded, “My experience is based upon private practice, my time as a Judge, and helping people along the way.”

Judge Craig Marcotte was next to speak.  He began with his background growing up in Shreveport and his education through college.  Marcotte said, “In 2008 I decided to run for judge.  Even though I owned a legal firm, I gave it up and ran, and I won.  I won for Judge after practicing law for 20 years.  You name it, I did it.”

Marcotte said he had a lot of support from law enforcement and from a lot of conservative legislators also.  And he had worked with law enforcement for many years to assure that the case they put together against a defendant would stick. 

Marcotte concluded his remarks by urging voters, “Ask is this person the most qualified to do the job?  Ask yourself who would make the best judge and who has the knowledge to be the best court of appeal judge.”

Erin Leigh Waddell Garrett and Craig Marcotte are both district judges in Shreveport.  They face off March 26th for a seat on the Court of Appeal.  The seat they are running for covers DeSoto, Red River and a portion of Caddo parishes.

The DeSoto Parish Republican Party thanked everyone.  Thank you to all who came out on this very cold day for our lunch. We heard from Judge Erin Leigh Waddell Garrett and Judge Craig Marcotte. Both will be on the March 26th ballot for Court of Appeal.

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