New President Election Leads Full Police Jury Agenda

By Nicole Tull

The DeSoto Parish Police Jury met Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm. All jurors were present along with the District Attorney. A full gallery listened on as the jurors elected Ernel Jones to replace Reggie Roe as the new President. Greg Baker resumes his position of Vice-President. Michael Norton, the parish administrator, gave his report on what has happened and what is to be expected over the course of the new year. Malisa Lafitte followed, giving the treasurer’s report.

Under New Business, a proposal was made to adopt a resolution approving the holding of an election in Fire Protection District 2 in April to continue the special tax and renew the parcel fee. While the current resolution does not expire for a couple of years, it is standard practice to vote ahead of time in the event the resolution does not pass, and the district needs to assess a new plan.

A few administrative items were addressed. Donna Cagle, Margaret Dickerson, Pam Rodgers and Renetta Humphries were recommended for continuing to represent in the DeSoto Parish Tourism Commission for a 3-year term. Jurors attending the annual convention and terms of Steve Browns resignation were also discussed.

The airport items discussed were the Balloons over DeSoto and an A-7 Aircraft Static display from the Air Force.

A few more line items were discussed pertaining to the landfill and road maintenance before adjourning.

The jurors broke for a brief recess before reconvening to open another meeting for a committee workshop pertaining to the 2020 Census District Determination. The jurors district lines are being redrawn to reflect the influx of new residence in the north end of the parish.

Mike Hefner was on hand to present his demographic rendering for the new districts. See image below.  There was much discussion amongst the jurors present. The jury members need to agree on the give and take for constituents. Also, the district lines must contain the seated juror and have a continuous flow. The district must follow natural markers such as roads or municipal borders to contain it.  Another consideration for the district lines are the voting precincts. The juror’s district should not break up a precinct.

There was resolution enough to adjourn but the final approval will be met at a later date.

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