Alligator Blocks Traffic

The serious part:  An alligator blocked the southbound lanes of I-49 for awhile late last week.  Before the gator could be moved, there was a considerable traffic backup that inconvenienced motorists.  Also, this story got the attention of just about every media outlet in northwest Louisiana.

The gator was removed, and traffic resumed.  But not before everyone had a good laugh.  Just note the (tongue in cheek) news release below is from the DeSoto Sheriff’s Office.

At approximately 8:15am, dispatchers with the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office began receiving calls regarding a suspect blocking the southbound lanes of Interstate 49.  Various reports were received, stating that the suspect was somewhere between 10 – 13 feet tall. Sgt. Michael Dunn was dispatched to the scene.  At that time, Dy. Mark Pierce informed the public of the blocked roadway and completely botched the spelling of the words “Natchitoches” and “Sunbathe.”  Several citizens spoke up in outrage, and the information was corrected. 

Upon arrival, Sgt. Dunn was able to make contact with the suspect who appeared under the influence of an illegal substance.  After several failed field sobriety tests, Sgt. Dunn was able to encourage the suspect to move to the side of the road so to not further impede traffic. 

K9 Rex was called upon to investigate, but swiftly declined to intervene.  At this time, Sgt. Dunn was able to identify a plastic baggy on the suspects person (which can be seen in the photos posted earlier.)  The suspect fled on feet from Sgt. Dunn, at which time Sgt. Dunn gave chase. 

The suspect was later located and detained at the scene in a nearby creek bed.  The suspect, Mr. Al E. Gator, 39 year old male or female (we don’t know) was transported to the DeSoto Detention Center to be booked on charges of: Obstruction of a Public Roadway, Possession of Schedule II (Meth) with Intent to Distribute, Aggravated Flight from an Officer, and Terrorism.

Warden Billy Cotton refused entrance to the detention facility and was last seen running down Polk Street barefoot.  Deputies are in the process of delivering Mr. Gator to the Courthouse while he awaits bond.  Mr. Pierce has been reprimanded for his grammar mistakes by both administration and by the City of Nackitish.

(Editor’s Note:  Gotta ask “Was it the Warden or the Gator that was last seen running down Polk Street barefoot?”)