Mayor-Elect Thomas Jones Says THANK YOU!

To the Citizens of Mansfield,

Let me first say “God is GREAT!!”

A grand thank you to my wife, family, friends and supporters for standing with me throughout this journey. Our quest for Mayor of Mansfield started over four years ago. Now, here we are ready, willing and able to proceed with the vision of a clean, vibrant and flourishing community.

Secondly, hats off to “TEAM JONES”. This DREAM TEAM didn’t cut any corners. They all knew their perspective roles and they kept focus until the trumpet sounded.

I want to further extend my appreciation to the DeSoto Parish Clerk of Court,  Registrar’s Office and Secretary of State’s Office  for assuring a fair and clean election.

Finally, we appreciate everyone who went out to the polls and voted. I have always believed that the power rests within those who cast their vote. The people in Mansfield have spoken. CHANGE HAS COME!!. God’s will is done..

My commitment is to be Mayor for all residents in our town. GET READY! GET READY! GET READY!