DeSoto School Reapportionment OK’ed

Last Thursday the DeSoto Parish School adopted a plan to reapportion the school districts.  There was a population shift within the parish between the 2010 and 2020 census, and that made a realignment of the districts necessary.

The board has been working on the new district lines most of the year.  Their final recommendation was presented to the public Thursday.  Only one resident spoke.  Bonita Brown expressed an interest in residing in the same district where her kids attend school.  She said the children go to Logansport, but her residence was in the Stanley school board district.  A check of the new district lines after the meeting showed that she was now residing in the Logansport district.

Following the public hearing on the plan, and discussion by the board members, the school board voted to adopt the plan unanimously.

Several districts were re-drawn due to a great population shift within the parish in the past 10 years.  The Stonewall area has had tremendous growth with new homes and businesses moving in.  The Mansfield area has lost residents in the same 10 year span.