Weekly Arrest Report

This Week’s report covers a one week period as of 9:00 am Monday morning and includes of all arrests made in DeSoto Parish by the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office (DPSO), Mansfield Police Department (MPD), and Louisiana State Police (LSP.)

This report covers March 20-27, 2023.

This information has been provided by a law enforcement agency as public information. Persons named or shown in photographs or video as suspects in a criminal investigation, or arrested and charged with a crime, have not been convicted of any criminal offense and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Notice of Death – March 29, 2023

Clarence ROOSTER Johnson

1/17/1943 – 3/21/2023

Service: Wednesday, March 29, 2023 @11:00 A.M. Shady Grove UMC Mansfield, LA.

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ETC… For Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The National Weather Service on Tuesday said another round of severe weather is on the table for Friday, March 31. Our parish is in the “slight risk” zone.  For now, all hazards appear possible. Timing and hazard severity will become clearer by midweek. Monitor forecasts later in the week as changes are expected.

Stonewall Town Hall alerted Thornton Road Residents that culvert replacement at the intersection are now underway.  For Twin Oaks Road Residents they should begin soon.

Local Principal is 2024 State Principal of the Year Semifinalist

The Louisiana Department of Education announced Tuesday its 2024 Teacher and Principal of the Year semifinalists and New Teacher of the Year finalists. These 57 teachers and principals represent schools and systems across the state.

One semifinalist is from DeSoto Parish.  He is Barry Carter of North DeSoto Middle School, and he is in the running for 2024 Louisiana Principal of the Year.

“Schools across Louisiana are beginning to make significant gains thanks to the commitment of our teachers and principals to remain focused on what matters most – improving academic outcomes,” said State Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley. “Congratulations to Louisiana’s Teacher and Principal of the Year semifinalists and our New Teacher of the Year finalists. They represent the many dedicated professionals leading our Louisiana Comeback.”

All Teacher and Principal of the Year semifinalists and New Teacher of the Year finalists will be honored at the 17th Annual Cecil J. Picard Educator Excellence Awards Gala, which will be held at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans on the evening of July 22. This exciting event is co-sponsored by Dream Teachers.

Dancin’ for DeSoto

The DeSoto High School Alumni Association is throwing a Sock Hop during Spring Break.  It is an ol’ Skool Sock Hop and Open Mic fundraiser on April 6th from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.

There will be prizes for the best decorated socks.  And an Open Mic to showcase your vocal talents.  Admission is $5.

Re-enactment is April First and Second

The annual re-enactment of the Civil War Battle of Pleasant Hill is scheduled next weekend at the battlefield site.  It’s that time of year again for history to come alive before your very eyes.

This is the 159th Anniversary of The Battle of Pleasant Hill. This was the last major battle with the Union army that was won by the Confederates.  And this is the 43rd Annual re-enactment of the battle.

There will be battle re-enactments both Saturday and Sunday afternoon, a period ball and court presentation Saturday night and a special presentation on the strategy and tactics of the battle.  The complete schedule is below.

Admission is $5 per person 5 and older.  Activities take place 3 miles north of Pleasant Hill at 23271 Hwy 175 Pelican. So mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss the excitement!! March 31st – April 2nd.

First United Methodist Church of Shreveport intervenes; vote may proceed

First United Methodist Church of Shreveport


The latest chapter in the ongoing process of churches disaffiliating from the United Methodist Church Denomination played out in Baton Rouge on Thursday.  Nine United Methodist ministers, four of whom live in Caddo Parish, filed suit on March 13 in East Baton Rouge Parish District Court against the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, South Central Jurisdiction.  The hearing of that lawsuit was held Thursday, March 23 and Judge Kelly Balfour dismissed the lawsuit deciding that his court did not have jurisdiction to hear the lawsuit.  The judge followed a doctrine that states civil courts do not have jurisdiction since the United Methodist Church has its own court to address such issues.

The petition alleged that the Louisiana Annual Conference is not using the proper process to hold meetings where local churches vote on disaffiliating and it asked the court to enjoin the disaffiliation process from proceeding.  In their petition, the nine ministers used the First United Methodist Church of Shreveport as their example of what they consider to be a flawed process. 

The Louisiana Annual Conference filed an exception to the petition stating that the civil court does not have jurisdiction to hear this case because the United Methodist Church has its own court that hears these kinds of matters.  A memorandum filed by the Louisiana Annual Conference states that the church court has already decided against persons making claims similar to those made by the nine ministers.

On Monday, March 20, the First United Methodist Church of Shreveport filed an intervention pleading stating that the church has followed the rules regarding disaffiliation and explained the steps taken by that church.  The church stated that a meeting is scheduled for April 16 where a vote is to be taken and if that meeting is postponed, it is unlikely that another meeting can take place before the time for having such meetings has expired.  At the meeting, two-thirds of the persons present must vote to disaffiliate in order for the church to disaffiliate and thereby become a Methodist church, independent from the United Methodist Church. 

The First United Methodist Church of Shreveport is scheduled to vote on April 16, 2023, on whether to disaffiliate or remain a member of the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Over 67 Methodist churches in Louisiana have already voted to leave the UMC denomination.

The Residents of the Fourth Precinct

By Brad Dison

The residents of Washington Township’s Fourth Precinct in Ames, Iowa were unenthused about the upcoming 1972 presidential election.  The Democratic Party’s nominee was Senator George McGovern, who ran an anti-war campaign against the incumbent Republican President Richard Nixon.  The residents of the Fourth Precinct cared nothing for the campaign promises of either candidate.  In fact, because of a new redistricting plan, the residents of the Fourth Precinct showed no emotion at all about the upcoming election.

In the spring of 1971, the Iowa Supreme Court drew up new legislative districts in an effort to produce House and Senate districts of equal size.  Iowa state law required all precincts to be of nearly equal population but the precincts could not cross legislative lines.  The law about legislative lines took precedent over the population provision.  In not so simple terms, a precinct had to be wholly contained within a legislative district.  No part of the precinct could extend into another legislative district.  As the Des Moines Tribune explained, “the precinct is bordered on the north by a legislative line, and on the other three sides by the City of Ames to which it cannot legally be attached for voting purposes.”  Therefore, the new redistricting plan created the Fourth Precinct.

On election day, Nixon won in a massive landslide and received nearly 18 million more votes than McGovern, the widest margin in presidential history, and all without the help of the Fourth Precinct.  Not a single resident of the Fourth Precinct visited the polls on election day.  Not one.  None of the residents of the Fourth Precinct gave an opinion on the presidential election before or after the election.  You see, due to the quirk in the Ohio State Legislature’s new redistricting plan, there was only a single building in the Fourth Precinct, a facility known as the Experimental Animal Production Area.  All of the residents of the Fourth Precinct were pigs.


  1. Des Moines Tribune, November 2, 1972, p.1.
  2. Sioux City Journal, November 3, 1972, p.15.

Storms Headed Our Way Today

Severe Thunderstorms can be expected on Friday, March 24th for our area (DeSoto Parish). The National Weather Service has projected isolated severe storms will be possible early Friday before sunrise over southeast Oklahoma, southwest Arkansas, and northeast Texas.  Severe storms are likely across the remainder of the area on Friday and will exit the area around midnight.  Strong tornadoes, large hail, damaging winds in excess of 74mph, and heavy rainfall are all possible. 

DeSoto Parish is currently designated in the ENHANCED RISK area.  Depending on the direction and speed at which this storm will be traveling, the conditions we experience could be lessened or worsened.  Please pay attention to your local weather stations for the most recent updates, and make sure you have the DeSoto Sheriff App as we will be pushing out that same info to our residents as quickly as possible.

Marsh Maneuvers 2023

4-H club members had the time of their lives last time at Marsh Maneuvers.  It is time to register for this year’s adventure.

Marsh Maneuvers is a 4-H educational summer camp that offers high school 4-H’ers the chance to explore Louisiana’s coast through hands-on experiences. All high school 4-H members in Louisiana are eligible to apply for this amazing opportunity.

Applications for Marsh Maneuvers 2023 are now being accepted.  Don’t wait because the application deadline is Monday, April 3rd.  Learn more call the local 4-H office or apply at tinyurl.com/MMinfo2023. Applications are due by Monday, April 3.

Making Button Rings

From the Logansport Branch of the DeSoto Parish Library:

Button ring making was the focus of Logansport Library’s Happy Hour this month.  We had a great group of ladies who made some beautiful rings. 

Happy Hour is held every third Thursday at 1:30 at Logansport Library for adults.  We make a new craft each month.  Join us on April 20th to make flowers,  jewelry, and figures out of salt dough.

Today’s Youth and Daily Temptations

By Steve Graf

Once again, we’re going to venture away from the world of fishing and talk about what our youth of today need the most. A few weeks ago, while listening to a Sunday morning sermon on “life’s temptations” at the Natchitoches First United Methodist Church, our pastor, Gary Willis, asked the congregation a question. “If you knew you could get away with it and no one would find out, what would you do?” Now this question really intrigued me for some odd reason, and of course, my mind immediately went to something sinister…like stealing, cheating in a tournament, or even worse causing physical harm to someone who’s given me grief in the past. We all have enemies that we would like to inflict pain upon at some point in our lives, but 95% of us never act on any of these sinful ideas.

Then my mind went in another direction. What if I could do something good for someone and not reveal to them it was me who did the good deed? Nothing says more about a person who does good things for others and never wants the credit. Examples of a good deed could be something simple like buying someone’s lunch or dinner, paying for another person’s gas or groceries, or maybe assisting the elderly. But then it hit me! The best thing you can do for anyone is to give of your time. This could be taking a kid fishing and teaching them the tricks of the trade and helping them to become a better angler, or doing fishing seminars for high school and college youngsters by educating them on the unwritten rules of tournament bass fishing.

So many youngsters today are growing up without the guidance of both parents. Boys and girls today are missing the male leadership necessary for them to grow into strong productive citizens. While I have nothing but admiration for the single moms and dads who are doing their best to raise this generation, the lack of having both parent’s influence and perspective has affected the devolvement of our young people. Nothing has a bigger impact on a young boy than a relationship with their dad. In the 1990’s the divorce rate started to skyrocket and so many men walked away from their families, leaving young boys looking for a path on their own on how to become a man. This trend has only gotten worse over the last twenty years. We’ve basically lost a whole generation of men who no longer understand their role as a father and how important it is for the self-esteem and development of a boy or girl. 

Temptations for today’s youth are staggering and totally different than my generation. During my youth growing up in the 70s, we had landlines, not cell phones, and although alcohol was available, most just drank beer. Hard alcohol was not the choice of the majority. The hardest drug that was prevalent was marijuana, with speed and cocaine use on the rise by the end of the decade. Today’s drugs are so potent that one small pill might kill you! Drugs like crystal meth, cocaine, and opioids (specifically fentanyl), along with hard alcohol, social media, cell phones, and peer pressure are just a few of the temptations this generation of kids is facing. 

Kids today are addicted to their phones and are constantly waiting for the “ding” to alert them about the latest incident or derogatory statement that was made about someone. Nothing has been worse for the youth of today than the invention of the cell phone, and no one is to blame but parents themselves. From this angler’s perspective, no child should be allowed to have a cell phone until they reach high school, and even then, they do not need access to social media until the drinking age of 21. I’ve seen that a bill has been proposed in a few states requiring that a person be 16 years of age to be on social media. This is a good start, but the age should be higher.

In today’s world, the temptations our youth face are tremendous. It’s important that we exposed this generation to God’s great outdoors. There’s an old saying…” Kids that hunt and fish, don’t deal and steal.” What a profound statement! Whoever said it, deserves a medal! So many of life’s lessons can be learned through the outdoors like hard work, dedication, and commitment. Other lessons they’ll learn are conservation, wildlife management, survival skills, and how to provide for themselves if times get tough.

Whether it’s hunting or fishing, it gives youngsters something to focus on besides all the negative temptations they face daily. Whether it’s related to the outdoors or a particular sport, kids today need hobbies to occupy their time. They need goals that are attainable that will encourage them to pursue their dreams. Bottom line, take the time to introduce a kid to the great outdoors…it just might save their life! 

Till next week, good luck, good fishing, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen and good protective clothing. Don’t be that guy who thinks they will never get Melanoma…because I was that guy.

Showing Horses?  Deadline Approaching

DeSoto 4-H is spreading the work that any DeSoto 4-H’ers interested in showing horses this year make sure to contact our office for details on possession validation and other information.  Possession papers are due by April 1, 2023. 

The NW District Horse Show will be held June 16 at the North Louisiana Exhibition Center in Ruston.  There will be classes for Halter/Showmanship, Western and English, Speed Events and Jackpot Barrels.  Buckley and prizes will be awarded to winners.

Contact the DeSoto 4-H Office for more information.

University Women Founders Day

“We had a beautiful in person Founders Day,” said the Mansfield Branch of Nstional Association of University Women.  The celebration was held recently at Wesley UMC in Mansfield.

The group issued a special thanks, “To Pastor Anna Morris-Jackson for hosting us again. Also we appreciate our very own Debbie Fuller for being our motivational speaker.”

Corcitra Phillips prepared a delicious meal. Shelia Coleman did an amazing job planning this event. What a wonderful day of fellowship. Great job, ladies.

Notice of Death – March 24, 2023

Katonya D Davis

August 23, 1974 to March, 2023

Memorial Service will be scheduled at a later time.

Gloria Pea

10/27/1950 – 3/19/2023

Service: Saturday, March 25,2023 @ 11:00 A.M. New Hope B.C. Mansfield, LA

Nelvin Fuller

1/22/1938 – 3/17/2023

Service: Saturday, March 25, 2023 @ 11:00 A.M. Mt. Mariah B.C. Kingston, LA

Robert Franks

4/3/1931 – 3/14/2023

Service: Saturday, March 25,2023 @ 11:00 A.M. Jenkins Funeral Home Chapel

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ETC… For Friday, March 24, 2023

The Merchants of Grand Cane and HGCA are hosting the first market of the year in Grand Cane.  It will be Saturday, March 25th for a fun day of shopping and enjoying the Historic town of Grand Cane.  The shops will be open, and the streets filled with wonderful vendors.

Rumors debuts tonight.  Tickets still available for the Neil Simon comedy being staged by the Back Alley Community Theatre in Grand Cane.  CLICK HERE to buy tickets and get show times and dates.

Early Voting Results

There were a total of 662 votes casts in DeSoto Parish during the early voting period for the March election. 441 persons voted in person and 221 absentee ballots were received.

The demographic breakdown is:

Democrat 192 and Republican 339,

Male 279 and female 382,

White 279, Black 114 and other 11.

There are two local tax elections on the ballot in the parish.  The election will be held next Saturday, March 25th.

Curtain Going Up Friday Night

At 7:00 pm Friday evening the curtain rises on the latest BackAlley Theatre production, Neil Simon’s Rumors. Reserved tickets are still available (CLICK HERE).  Details below, but first a few words on this hilarious comedy.

Ernie and Cookie Cusack are planning for a relaxing night with friends as they attend the tenth anniversary party for Charley and Myra Brock. And, of course, that is exactly what happens. They are lovingly received by the other guests, they laugh and toast champagne glasses, and enjoy a calm, pleasant evening surrounded by good friends and even better conversation…

Just kidding!

When they arrive, they find the other guests acting very strangely, possibly even hiding something very serious from them, and their host and hostess are nowhere to be found. On top of that, the cook and butler have also flown the coup. So, guess who gets to prepare the elaborate feast they had planned! This is only the start of a whirlwind evening these two won’t soon forget.

Donna Griffith, in the role of Cookie Cusack, is a rising star at BackAlley. She appeared in last season’s The Rented Christmas and was stage manager for last season’s Fools. She brings to her character a sweetness and nuttiness fitting any good Cookie. Her physical comedy is sure to have the crowd roaring with laughter.

Jim Griffith, in the role of Ernie Cusack, is a well-known actor at BackAlley. He has appeared in many plays, including Red Velvet Cake Wars and Christmas Belles, and most recently in Anybody Out There?. He is hilarious in every role he takes on, and, as Ernie, he somehow outdoes himself. His sincere and comedic delivery is really something that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Barbie Larson, Stage Manager for this production, has been involved with BackAlley for many years, formerly as a board member, as costume designer for last season’s Fools, as stage manager for Anybody Out There?, and even once as an actor in Curious Savage. Her attention to detail and creative spark always adds something special to each production she lends her talents to.

Cast also includes Tiffani Maddox, Ethan Springer, Lisa Duty, Ken Murphy, Terry Sparks, Brian McCarty, Shawn Fargerson, and Abby Nally. Directed by Barry Larson.

For a raucous night full of laughs and fast-paced fun, join us for BackAlley Theatre’s production of Neil Simon’s Rumors from March 24 – April 1. Showtimes are at 7pm and our matinee is at 2pm. For more information and to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE!

*This production does feature adult language and mature themes and may not be suitable for young children.

Echoes of mercy, whispers of love

By Teddy Allen

This was a favorite time of year for Rolly Walker, not that he didn’t appreciate the other times because Rolly was if anything a day-to-day guy, not a prima donna or a guy demanding to sing lead. Rolly was blue-collar DeQuincy, Loooosiana, ready to chop wood and carry water soon as the sun came up.

“You always get to choose your attitude,” Rolly would say, then he’d strap in whether it was a cold day in January or his turn to go off on No. 10 in the Fall Church Scramble. 

But springtime was his wheelhouse. Long and lean and smart and resourceful, he was a good athlete and natural at so many things, a hoops player who appreciated the wonder of March Madness and a track star — track was his favorite — and a golf nut because it put him outside in his Father’s World and with friends and you could play it forever and you could mess with people and do funny stuff, enjoy the pace, be at peace with the way the round and the day dripped away. You could slowly “celebrate the temporary,” another thing he’d say that kept this athlete-turned-coach-turned-preacher in the moment.

Years ago, a member of his Methodist congregation, Mrs. Loretta, she started writing down those sayings. She called them “Walker Wisdom — gems to ponder in your heart and live by daily,” and she drew a big heart in the script and around it wrote many of these “gems” so the sayings expanded into bigger hearts …

Don’t take yourself too seriously … Life is full of choices … Say, “I love you!” … You can’t please everybody …

And she splashed color all over it and his family appreciated that. So much so that at the recent celebration of his extraordinary 84 years, there were stacks of reprints at Trinity Methodist in Ruston, and anyone could get one, and I did, standing way in the back behind all those people there to honor Rolly.

Don’t stir manure … Make every day a master-peace … Are you fun to live with? … Eat dessert first …

I never got to eat with Rolly. Never rode around in the car with him. I think we suggested it a time or two…

He read by stuff for years, and I listened to his sermons, and we saw each other here and there and exchanged many letters and books and he was just a joy. He was a man disinclined to condemn the world for all its injustices, although he understood better than most the dangerous pickle, we were in. Instead, he chose to walk with grace, to make sure grace happened whenever it might be his turn to get in the starting blocks.

Rolly was like a good medicine, a homespun cure. His whole secret, which he never tried to hide, was simplicity. His life was Poe’s purloined letter, left in plain view if we’d only take the time to look.

The jug is always full … Don’t keep score … Shalom.

When Grace and Mercy breathed, they sure did look a lot like my old friend.

Contact Teddy at teddy@latech.edu and Twitter @MamaLuvsManning

DeSoto 911 Discussed By Mansfield Lions Club

The guest speaker at the Lions Club last week was DeSoto Parish Sheriff Captain Phillip Daniels, with 21 years in law enforcement 19 of which are here.  He is in charge of the 911 Center located in the new brick building on the old Nabors Trailers property.  That building also holds the Fire and Sheriff Department Dispatchers while the City of Mansfield has their own Dispatcher. 

Captain Daniels told the Lions a brief history of the formation of 911, the training required to become a dispatcher, and detailed some of the skills needed to do this challenging job well.  He has a staff of 31 and ventured that we had one of the top groups in the State. 

Lion Raymond Powell presented the Lion “Arrowhead of Honor” to Captain Daniels who enjoys hunting for the elusive points.

The Lions meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday for a catered lunch at the Clista A. Calhoun Center and you are welcome to come by.

70th Anniversary Celebration Begins Friday

By Mandi Mills

Clara Springs Camp & Conference would love to personally invite you to our 70th Anniversary Celebration. There are events this Friday and Sunday.  Tickets are available online.

Friday, March 24th beginning at 3:00pm “Old School Campers.”  Come celebrate the PAST of Clara Springs with a concert by Southern Plainsmen. This event will end with our March Fourth Friday Fish Fry. This is a FREE event and will include your meal.

Sunday, March 26th beginning at 4:00pm “Campers of Today.”  If you would like to celebrate our FUTURE, join us for an evening of family fun! This event will include a family style meal and end with Fireworks. Activities of the evening will include our Climbing wall, Bazooka Ball, Overcoming Obstacles American Ninja Warrior Course, Worship by Vines & Co., & more. This is also a FREE event.

To attend either of these events please reserve your tickets here: clarasprings.com/2023-events/70th-anniversary

Twitter Files Expose Feds-Social Media Collusion to Undermine Free Speech

By Royal Alexander

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter will surely someday be viewed as one of the most critical blows for American freedom, maybe in a hundred years or more.

Musk, who describes himself as a “free speech absolutist”, stated he would purchase Twitter to “free” the platform.  Musk has correctly observed that social media in America today serves as a national “town hall” and a modern day “public square,” a role previously played by public parks, local community meetings, and parish and country fairs and festivals.

However, attempting to return Twitter to a genuinely free speech platform is not even the most important accomplishment entailed in Musk’s purchase of Twitter. 

In my view, the most profoundly important discovery by Musk after his purchase is the extent to which Twitter and government agencies—including the upper levels of the FBI— collude to suppress and hide information critical for the American people to have and know.

Let’s consider just two prominent examples: The suppression of information about The China Virus, and election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

We have already seen the Twitter Files expose government influence used to suppress China Virus opinions and viewpoints that contradicted White House storylines as well as numerous actions taken against accounts that posted views and data that contradicted CDC.

Free Press writer David Zweig cited “[i]nternal files” from Twitter that showed how the social media giant “rigged the COVID debate” at the behest of the federal government.  “The United States government pressured Twitter and other social media platforms to elevate certain content and suppress other content about Covid-19.”   (FOX Business, December 26, 2022).

Recall the heated dissent regarding the effectiveness and safety of masking children (and the population, generally) in public schools, the effectiveness of the vaccine and related mandates such as school closure, and the shutting down of the American economy.  

In fact, many prominent, accomplished medical doctors and scientists strongly disputed what the Biden Administration and Dr. Anthony Fauci at the NIH, as well as Woke scientists at the CDC, were insisting was “The Truth” about the virus, but Twitter conspired to silence such dissenters as peddling “misinformation.”  

However, we see now that these opinions which ran counter to those of the Government-Media Thought Police, have been proven to be scientifically accurate.   

Yet, because of this suppression of Free Speech, America did not “Follow the Science” in our public health response to The China Virus, and great social, educational, and economic damage has resulted.

That’s scary and completely un-American.

Let’s look at another deeply concerning example: the 2020 presidential election and the Hunter Biden Laptop “from hell.”

The following is simply indisputable:

On October 14, 2020, the New York Post, one of the oldest and largest news organizations in the world, published its first major story on the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop which had been dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop in April 2019 and never picked up.  This Post story exposed Biden family corruption and revealed the incestuous financial relationship between then-VP Biden with his son’s foreign business ventures.

Hunter Biden, although not equipped by experience, training, or sobriety to do any significant work, was being paid tens of millions of dollars from foreign companies based in places like China and Ukraine.  The emails also directly implicate the “big guy” Joe Biden, himself.

The Post story exposed these facts.

So, three weeks before the 2020 presidential election, how did Twitter—and many other social media platforms as well as the national media—respond?

The Government-Media Industrial Complex did everything in its power to suppress and stifle the Post story including removing all links readers would have used to access the Post story, attaching false warnings that the links might be “unsafe” and preventing users from sharing the links using direct message.  Twitter also then locked the Post’s Twitter account.

We simply cannot tolerate federal government agencies pressuring and coercing these social media giants into allowing only “government-approved” speech on their platforms.  That’s the furthest thing from “uninhibited, robust and wide-open” debate in the “marketplace of ideas” guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. 

It’s censorship.  It’s pre-approved speech and Groupthink, regulated by the Thought Police, of the kind we see in dictatorships like Iran, N. Korea, China, and Russia.

Twitter Files revelations are dramatically changing the view of millions of Americans regarding our federal government and its collusion with social media to manipulate our national debate and alter our elections.

Cross Walk

Men of Prayer present the 2023 Cross Walk Good Friday Morning.  Get the whole family up early and join them.  The walk will form us at North DeSoto High.

Here is the route of the walk:  Begin at 8:30 am at the North Desoto School and will go north on Hwy 171 to Hwy 3276 (Stonewall-Frierson Rd) and then go back south on Hwy 171 and back to the school. 

Anyone can participate.  Men, women, students and families.  Come out and join us.  If you can only do a portion of it no problem, we will have transportation to and from the school.

“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”  Matthew 16: 24

Made of a Straw

The young scientists experimented with Newton’s Third Law of Motion while making “straw rockets” at Logansport Library’s STEM program recently.  Using the power of their lungs, they launch their rockets into flight. 

The library said, “We constructed a larger paper rocket and sent it into flight outdoors.  The rocket went out of control and came to rest on the library roof.  Thankfully Ms Kaylie was able to retrieve the rocket.  The rocket survived with minimal damage and went on several more flights.

For more information about the STEM program for kids or other offerings, call the nearest branch of the DeSoto Parish Library.

Trip to State Convention

The Educators Rising class at North DeSoto High recently traveled to Lafayette to attend the Educators Rising State Convention. They joined other future educators from around the state.

Topics of breakout sessions covered equality in the classroom, how to survive the first year of teaching, and the importance of collaboration and communication.  It was a wonderful day of learning and collaboration.