St Joseph Bazaar Is Saturday

A Bazaar is being held Saturday at St. Joseph.  Profits are for air conditioning and parking lot repairs.  The hours are 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The church said, “Come join us for the Bazaar & lunch.  Homemade pulled pork sandwiches, chips and a cookie will be available for eat-in or take-out.

The DeSoto Parish Tourist Commission said, “Y’all come enjoy this wonderful bazaar, get you quilt raffle tickets & help fund much needed projects at St Joseph.”

The Bazaar will feature baked goods, jellies, homemade crafts and other items.  The church is located at 305 Jefferson Street in Mansfield.

$250.00 Blackout Bingo Game – WINNER!

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LPN To RN Will Be Offered in Mansfield

Beginning Monday, a series of informational meetings will be offered on the LPN to RN Program that will be offered at the hospital in Mansfield.  Three meetings will be held over the next two weeks.  The first meeting will be at DeSoto Regional Health System.

State Representative Larry Bagley helped put the program together for the parish.  Bagley’s Legislative Assistant, Brandy Pierce told the Journal that instruction will be at DeSoto Regional.  Pierce said, “It will be a cooperative effort between the Northwest Louisiana Technical Community College and Bossier Parish Community College.  The instruction will be at the hospital.”

Fire Prevention Month

October is National Fire Prevention Month.  DeSoto District 1 at Logansport is working to make everyone aware of the dangers of fire.

Chief Mark Magee told the Journal, “Some of the activities this month included having a booth at the patriotic festival on the riverfront in Logansport last Saturday.  We passed out information showcasing our abilities.  And we are conducting a fundraiser raffling a gun safe.”  Also this month, Magee said they are making presentations in area schools on fire safety.

Fire District 1 is also installing smoke detectors in area homes.  Magee said, “If you have a house and need a smoke detector, contact the fire station on Marshall Road in Logansport.”

Antique Adoption Held Friday and Saturday

The most recent Antique Adoption Trade Days was held last Friday and Saturday at Keatchie.  It attracted a large crowd to the open-air marketplace.

The Journal spoke with owner Chastity Peppers said, “This is one of three times each year we put on the Trade Days at Keatchie. Plus we are offering items online and on social media.  We ship all over the world.”

The assortment of items Peppers had crowded into the barn was truly impressive.  And the group of vendors in the open air market was equally as impressive.  There were arts and crafts items, fabrics, jewelry, furniture, and a whole lot more.

Peppers described herself as a “picker” much like the famous duo on TV.  She said, “I am a finder.  I go picking all over the United States.  I find treasures and bring them back to offer up for sale.”  She added, “I like to put these treasures in the hands of younger people who repurpose them.  They figure out how to re-use old things.”

“We let people ‘adopt’ out historical pieces.  This is our past and our future.  We cannot forget where we came from,” said Peppers.

Water Outage:  North Desoto Water Systems

Date: Oct 13, 2021 Alert from North DeSoto Water System Inc. There is currently an emergency water outage in the Frierson Area. Water has been turned off on Stonewall-Frierson Road, east of Garsee Circle, for emergency repair. 

Areas/streets affected :

Stonewall-Frierson east of Garsee Circle

Wallace Lake Rd

Bloxom Rd

Frierson Plaza Apartments

FOB ln

Los Adaias

Luther LnLillian Dr.

**Once water is restored a boil advisory will be in effect until further notice. 

Medicare Seminars

Ms. Jennifer Arden will be hosting several seminars for the remainder of the year at the DeSoto Parish Library’s Meeting Rooms. Please look at our schedule and find a time to join us. Learn the A, B, C, & D’s of Medicare from a professional, not a commercial.

See flyer below for details.

Best Bass Catching Baits For The Fall

By Steve Graf

For me, the fall is my favorite time of the year to bass fish. Those hot summer days are behind us and cooler days and nights take over. This in turn cools the water surface temperature down which helps to trigger a good feeding frenzy. Today, we’ll take a look at few of the best fall baits you need to have tied on the next time you go fishing.

First, let’s tie on an oldie but goodie, a spinnerbait! Now with this bait, you want to keep it simple. Keep in mind that bass are feeding on shad or baitfish trying to fatten up for the winter months. So, the color you choose, should be white or if the water has a little stain, use chartreuse and white combination. I have found more success by using a smaller spinnerbait like a ¼ oz. with two small 1 ½ or #2 willow leaf blades. I like double silver blades if the water is clear and a silver/gold combination if the water is stained.  Again, you’re trying to imitate small shad, so smaller blades tend to look more realistic. My favorite ¼ oz. spinnerbait is called a “Humdinger” which has small blades and comes in several blade combinations, but again I like the double willow bait the best. One thing that I feel really sets the “Humdinger” apart from other spinnerbait brands, is the living rubber skirt, which has more action coming through the water than your traditional silicone skirt.

Next, a crankbait can be a great choice when targeting bass that are chasing and feeding on shad or baitfish. Again, you’re trying to match the hatch so again, keep it simple. I like a bait called a “Bandit” which comes in three different series: 100, 200 or 300. The 100 series is shallow running crankbait that runs 2 to 4 feet deep depending on what size line you’re throwing. The 200 series for me is my personal choice and runs 6 to 8 feet again depending on the size line you’re using. And the third series, is a 300 which runs 8 to 10 feet deep. When it comes to color, choose either a pearl-colored bait with a black back, a chrome with either a blue or black back and my personal choice is what Bandit calls the “splatter back” which is a white crankbait with black paint splattered across the back of the bait and has a yellow belly but sometimes I’ll alter this yellow belly with hot red fingernail polish.

One more option is a topwater bait like a chugger, prop bait or a walking style bait like a “Zara Spook”, “Chug bug”, or my personal choice, a “Yellow Magic” (Pop R type of bait). Nothing gets the blood flowing more than a bass exploding on a topwater bait! Everyday can be different; you have to let the fish tell you what they want each day. Some days they want a bait that walks from side to side, and on other days, they may want a slow retrieving prop bait like a small or medium size Whopper Plopper. Also, always, always, always make sure you a have “ SPRO” topwater frog tied on no matter what. When the bass are eating the frog, it can get very exciting really quick.

This fall when you head to the lake, I hope this will help make your decision making easier. The fall can be an awesome time to be on the lake, as bass migrate up the creeks and gorge themselves on shad. It’s also a great time for another reason, a lot of anglers are hunters and are in the woods chasing Mr. Buck; leaving the lakes less crowded. So, take the time over the next two months and lock in on some of the best bass fishing action of the year. Good luck, good fishing and don’t forget to set the hook!

Logansport First Grade Update

Sarah Aydolott Register is a first grade teacher at Logansport.  She said, “First Grade wants to know if you can guess what our new unit is going to be about? I’m not sure if the kids had more fun with this, or myself.”

Register said they are accepting donations to the next Unit Starter Day.  She is asking for your used paper towel rolls.

Stonewall Town Council Meeting

On Tuesday night the Stonewall Town Council amended ordinances setting standards for nonresidential structures visible from Hwy 171 and Hwy 3276.  One business owner along Hwy 171 expressed concerns that the changes may not be enough.

Chris Hemingway of Hemingway Collision commented, “I have millions invested.  We have a lot of value out there.  We see the dump.”  He was seeking information on the effect the changes would have on businesses that wanted to build or remodel.

Council member Crystal Walsh said, “Some businesses were coming in and not even wanting to meet the standards in place.  They wanted to do other things.  That was the reason for increasing the standards.”

After discussion, the town council pass the amendments to the ordinances.  Mayor Randy Rodgers advised Hemingway to come back later and work on further revisions to the ordinances.

The Town Council also approved allowing the Boy Scouts to use the Home Economics building.  The scouts had been looking for a place to meet.  During discussion it was said that the scouts would like to paint and decorate the building.  Also mentioned was starting a Cub Scout Pack which could also meet in that building.  The council approved the resolution to allow the scouts to get a new home.

WIC Benefit Increase to Continue

The Louisiana Department of Health is extending the additional WIC Benefits through December. 

Families and pregnant individuals participating in Louisiana’s Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) will continue to receive extra help with purchasing fruits and vegetables through a Continuing Resolution of the Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act.

Through December 2021, women and children will continue to receive an increase to their cash value benefit (CVB), which is the amount of money provided each month for the purchase of fresh, frozen and/or canned fruits and vegetables. Under the Continuing Resolution, CVB are $24 for children, $43 for pregnant and postpartum persons, and $47 for breastfeeding persons.

This comes after a 388% increase from July 2021 to September 2021 for children (from $9 per month to $35 per month) and a 318% increase for women (from $11 per month to $35 per month) through the American Rescue Act, which was passed in July 2021.

Porter Forum Next Thursday

Northwestern State University’s College of Business and Technology will host the 55th annual J. Walter Porter Forum Thursday, Oct. 21 in Russell Hall Room 102.  This year’s theme will be “Business Resilience:  Lessons Learned While Facing COVID-19.”   The forum will be of interest to business owners and other decision makers in DeSoto Parish.

A 9:40 a.m. session will feature panelists State Sen. Louie Bernard, Tom Edens, Louisiana General Manager/CFO of EpicTouch; Mike Newton, president of Exchange Bank, and Jim Phillips, solutions director of Technology Shared Services, GDIT.

A session beginning at 11:10 a.m. will feature Bernard, Janice Bolton, owner/broker of Bolton Realty; Laura Lyles, president of the Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce, and Claire Prymus, founder and board president of Ben Johnson Education Center.

The Porter Forum is presented annually by the College of Business and Technology and brings business executives to the NSU campus to speak about best practices, ethics and emerging trends in business. The forum was established by family and friends of the last J. Walter Porter in recognition of his interest in improving the image of business as a career field and his concern for the moral and ethical standards of business.

For more Information, contact Dr. Carmella Parker at

Notice of Death – Friday October 15, 2021

Ruby N Calhoun-Cross

Graveside Service will be 12 p.m., Saturday, October 16, 2021 at Garden of Memory in Zwolle.

Derrick James Eckles

Service will be 11 a.m., Saturday, October 16, 2021 at Northwest Auditorium in Mansfield.

Pearline Williams-Bonner

Service will be 11 a.m., Saturday, October 16, 2021 at St. Luke Baptist Church Logansport.

ETC… For Friday, October 15, 2021

A reminder that the Fall Fest Swap and Trade Day at Frierson is this Saturday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.  There will be a pumpkin carving contest, chili cook off, and more.  It is a free family event held at Frierson Supply Company.

Also on Saturday, come see some spectacular antique autos, trucks and whatever at Salem Baptist Church in Stonewall.  Bring your classic car.  Entry fee is by donation and there will be free refreshments for everyone. Hours are 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Hunters, enter the Big Buck Contest at the DeSoto Parish Library in Pelican.  Contest runs through January 31st.  Check their social media page for the rules.

Pianist Michael Gurt will present a concert at Northwestern State University on Thursday, Oct. 21 at 7:30 p.m. in Magale Recital Hall. Tickets are $15. Gurt’s performance is part of the Louisiana Piano Series International.

Lifeshare Blood Center had two blood drives scheduled in the parish this week.  On Thursday they were at North Desoto High School.  On Saturday they will be at Saint Ann’s Catholic Church.

Water Outage:  North Desoto Water Systems

Date: Oct 13, 2021 Alert from North DeSoto Water System Inc. There is currently an emergency water outage in the Frierson Area. Water has been turned off on Stonewall-Frierson Road, east of Garsee Circle, for emergency repair. 

Areas/streets affected :

Stonewall-Frierson east of Garsee Circle

Wallace Lake Rd

Bloxom Rd

Frierson Plaza Apartments

FOB ln

Los Adaias

Luther LnLillian Dr.

**Once water is restored a boil advisory will be in effect until further notice. 

Crowds Along The Trail

It was promoted as a 50 mile trail of treasure.  It was that and more.  There were garage sale booths.  Some folks were selling great antiques.  There was junk and junktique.  True saying “What is one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

Shoppers and vendors came from all over.  There were many from Texas who came and set up shop along Highway 171.  At one stop in Stonewall an overwhelming majority of the vendors were from Caddo, Sabine, Texas or anywhere but Stonewall.

Stonewall, Grand Cane, Mansfield, Logansport and points in between got involved.  It was as promised, a 50 mile trail of treasure.

Trade Day at Frierson

Another trade day is on the way next weekend.  Saturday, October 16, 2021 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm is the Frierson Fall Fest Swap & Trade Day.

Their social media promotes it as “A family fun filled day of face painting, pumpkin patch, awesome food, animals, jewelry, crafts, home decor & so much more.”

Back Alley Next Production

Southern Fried Funeral coming this month to Back Alley Community Theatre at Grand Cane. Make your reservations now.

Synopsis of the production:

Dewey Frye is dead, and the rest of his family is left to pick up the pieces.  A big-hearted comedy about family – Southern Style – as matriarch Dorothy contends with sudden widowhood, church committee harpy Ozella Meeks, Dewey’s snake-in-the-grass brother, and two grown daughters reliving their childhood rivalry. 

Performances begin on Thursday, October 28 – 7:00 PM.  Here is the rest of the schedule:

Friday, October 22 & 29 – 7:00 PM

Saturday, October 23 & 30 – 7:00 PM

Sunday, October 24 – 2:00 PM

All tickets $15.00.  Reservations are requested due to limited seating.  318-461-0202.