Registrar Observes Voter Registration Week

From the DeSoto Parish Registrar of Voters:

This week was Voter Registration Week in Louisiana. Along with delivering registration packets to various businesses across the parish, the Registrar’s office also attended the Seventh Annual American Cancer Awareness Tea and Fundraiser with the First United Methodist Church of Mansfield.

Melissa Nussman (DeSoto Registrar of Voters employee) and Peighton Fisher (Sabine Parish Chief Deputy Registrar) are pictured.

After Distinguished Career Deputy Retires

By the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Department

For the month of September, the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office would like to highlight someone who has spent a lifetime of service to our Parish.  Captain Brett Cooper began a career in Law Enforcement 32 years and 2 months ago, and he is finally hanging it up!  To know Brett is a blessing, and to work with him is a privilege.  Around the office he is all smiles, cooking breakfast for his for co-workers regularly.  Some would say he’s a big teddy bear, but this bear has seen a lot, and saved many more.

Captain Brett Cooper began his career in June of 1990 when Chief Don English of the Mansfield Police Department came to his house and asked him to take a job.  Brett was just 23 years old at the time, and he would work for MPD until he accepted a patrol position under Sheriff Hugh Bennett in July of 1992.  Brett served on Patrol, and Criminal Patrol, until around 1993 when he completed his D.A.R.E. certification.  Brett was a member of the S.W.A.T. team when it was first founded in 1993.  He served in S.W.A.T. under Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle for a total of 13 years.  He was promoted to Patrol Sergeant, and also became an “Elderly Service Officer” for the parish.  It wasn’t long before he began rising through the ranks of the DeSoto Sheriff’s Office, becoming a Lieutenant in the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) and then Captain over the Patrol Division.  Upon his retirement, Brett had been serving as the Captain over the Narcotics Division. He has served under three Sheriff’s since the beginning of his career, retiring under Sheriff Jayson Richardson this year.

We asked Brett, if there was a moment that he decided that he wanted to enter Law Enforcement? 

“Growing up I always wanted to be one of three things:  A Pilot, Military, or Police.  I’ve always known I wanted to do one of those because I’ve always just had a heart to serve others.  But it wasn’t until Don English contacted me and asked me point blank that I finally made my decision.  I haven’t regretted it since.

What made you stay in Law Enforcement for 32 years?!

“It was God’s Grace that got me this job, and it could have only been God’s Grace that carried me through.  I got saved shortly after I was hired, and when I say it really had an affect on my life, it truly did.  I just feel like God placed something on my heart that never went away, and the heart is a good place to work from.  Many people think that police work is all about arresting bad guys, but it’s really so much more.  In no other job do you get such a huge opportunity to help people.  Some in their darkest hour, and you can be there for them in the moment.  That part of the job has brought the most fulfillment to my life, and I’ll miss it the most.

What advice would you give to someone considering Law Enforcement as a career?

“Search your soul.  Ask yourself what it is you are seeking by choosing this career?  You not only need to know if your heart is in it, but you also need to know if your heart can survive it.  There may come a day that you have to pull a trigger to save a life.  It’s a question you should take seriously and ask, ‘Can I live with myself when/if that happens?’  Also, whether most of us would admit it or not, we are all raised in certain circles.  You will typically defend your own circle without hesitance, but would you also defend someone else’s?  Can you be fair to all, and treat all people with respect, even if it may be someone you do not like?  Because that is the type of Law Enforcement this world needs right now.  So search your soul and be honest with yourself on those questions.”

What will you do now?

I think we will travel.  Just pack up, point in a direction, and go.  Explore the world around us and start a new adventure every day.  No planning.  Just enjoying life.  I’m looking forward to it.

Sheriff Jayson Richardson and staff at DPSO are eternally grateful for Brett, and all that he has accomplished during his long career.  He has certainly played a huge role in the betterment and safety of DeSoto Parish.  Though he will be missed, we wish him nothing but the best in his retirement!

MHS Teacher of the Year

The Mansfield High School Teacher of the Year has been selected.  Hew is a former student and member of the Alumni class of 2013.

The school said, “This teacher is solely dedicated to Mansfield High School. This teacher is very active around campus, leading out on community service projects, clubs, organizations, and after-school activities.”

They added, “This teacher is a prime example of a lifelong learner. The relationship that this teacher builds with students is exceptional. This teacher is positive and always supportive of Mansfield High School.”

In revealing their selection, Mansfield High said, “It brings us great honor and Wolverine Pride to announce MHS Alumni, Class of 2013, Mr. Demetri Hill, as 2022-2023 Mansfield High School Teacher of the Year. Congratulations, Mr. Hill!  We are extremely blessed to have you.”

Get Ready For 50 Miles of Treasures

What runs from Stonewall on the north, down US 171 through Grand Cane to Mansfield, then heads west on US 84 to Logansport and beyond?  It is the Fifty Miles of Treasures.

It’s the world’s largest …

Garage Sale, outdoor sale, marketplace, you name it.

This event is Saturday October 8. The trail is free.  Come shop everything from A to Z.  Ffind antiques, treasures, stuff you’ve always wanted, and perhaps something you just cannot do without out.

Y’all come join the treasure hunt.

A Sitcom Called Sally

By Brad Dison

In 2000, writer/producer Allison Gibson had an idea for a television sitcom which was set in Houston, Texas.  The lead character, Sally, was a wisecracking single mother of three children, each of whom had various emotional issues.  Sally’s husband had left her for another woman who, because of their connection to the same man, considered Sally to be her best friend, but Sally considered the other woman to be her nemesis.  This odd combination of characters and situations produced hilarious comedic mayhem.

The lead character was named Sally because Allison wrote the part with a specific actress in mind.  This Sally had won a host of awards for her acting including two Academy Awards.  Her career in television began in 1965 with a comedy called Gidget followed by The Flying Nun two years later.  She had been in a slew of blockbuster films including Smokey and the Bandit, Steel Magnolias, and Forrest Gump.  This Sally, Sally Field, was not interested in the sitcom and turned it down.  Allison needed a new Sally.

As luck would have it, Nell was shopping around for a sitcom to star in.  Nell began performing as a child in a singing group with her siblings.  She had planned to become an elementary school teacher, but the trajectory of her life was forever changed when she sang the Star-Spangled Banner at a rodeo in Kentucky.  Her short performance led to a singing and acting career which has lasted four decades so far.  Nell played a variety of roles in movies and television from a gun-toting tough woman who helped defend her town from creatures living underground to Colonel Sanders in a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial in which she wore the full goatee, white hair, and signature suit.

Nell was set to play “Sally,” the title role in the show.  That was the plan until the very last moment.  The production crew filmed the pilot twice in front of two different live studio audiences, one in the afternoon and another in the evening.  In the afternoon show, Nell’s character’s name was Sally.  In the evening show, Sally’s name was replaced with Nell’s real first name.  Everyone involved in the creation of the show paid close attention to both audiences to gauge their reactions.  After filming both pilots, it was clear that the audience responded more when the name Sally was replaced with Nell’s real first name.  Their reaction was such that the name of the show was changed again.  The show was a huge success and ran from 2001 to 2007.  Based on the audience’s reaction, the show, originally called Sally, then Deep in the Heart, was renamed again with the first name of its star, Reba McEntire.


  1. “Sally Field.” IMDb. Accessed September 22, 2022.
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  3. “Reba McEntire Spills Secret about Her TV Show Only Few Knew Before….” Classic Country Music. Accessed September 22, 2022.

Public Rifle Siting Dates Announced

Sheriff Jayson Richardson will be opening the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office Rifle Range to public residents on two available dates in October. The dates below will be reserved for DeSoto Parish hunters to have an opportunity to sight in their rifles for hunting season. Sheriff Richardson is pleased to offer this service to our residents free of charge in a safe environment.  The service is designed to allow proper sighting without the worry of disturbing neighbors in nearby areas.

The Range will have shooting lanes open with targets at 100 yards. All stations will be equipped with a shooting bench and lead sled to assist hunters. Basic targets will be available at the range, but shooters are allowed to bring their own targets. You will need to bring your own weapons, ammunition, hearing and eye protection. Limited hearing and eye protection may be available at the range if needed. A Range Instructor as well as other deputies will be on site and available to assist citizens to ensure safety.  Registration is not required; however the range will only be open to DeSoto Parish residents.


Saturday, October 08, 9am – 3pm

Saturday, October 22, 9am – 3pm


DeSoto Parish Training Facility

120 Sprocket Ln., Grand Cane, LA

Israel Trip Presented to Mansfield Lions Club

The speaker Tuesday to the Mansfield Lions Club was Lion Robert Powell.  He made a fascinating presentation on the different trips he and his family have taken to Israel.  He discussed the surrounding geography of the area and the layout of the City of Jerusalem with all its gates and different ethnic and religious quarters that divide the city. 

During the question and answer period, Powell concluded by answering the two questions he is always asked:  #1.Was it dangerous? And the answer is NO. #2. Would you go again?  And the answer is YES!

Also, during the meeting Club President, Terri Byrd, congratulated the Lions on hosting a very successful fundraiser with last Friday’s Jambalaya Dinners.  All proceeds will go to the Louisiana Lions Children’s Camp near Leesville, La.  The Camp is wholly funded by the Lions Clubs of Louisiana and offers a week-long camping experience for challenged youth.  Byrd said, “Thanks to everyone who supported this worthy cause.”

The Lions meet again on October 11 for lunch at the Clista A. Calhoun Center for a catered lunch, an interesting speaker and great networking so swing by and check them out.

STEM at Pelican Library

Ms. Rena had so much fun with her fellow scientists at the Pelican Branch’s Mad Scientists Club program last Saturday.  The library issued a special thanks to the wonderful parents that came out.

A Desoto Parish Deputy dropped by for a visit and helped out with one of the experiments.  The library said, “We made artificial snow, an erupting volcano, letters float off a mirror into water,  made an egg go in a bottle and we made a cup drink water.

Be on the lookout for more great programs at your local branch of the DeSoto Parish Library.

The Fall Feeding Frenzy

By Steve Graf

Get ready! It’s the time of year that all anglers look forward to… the fall-feeding frenzy…where bass gorge themselves to the point that it looks like they ate a football! It’s official, the bass buffet is now open for all bass, large and small. October in the south is probably one of the best months of the year to go out and catch a lot of bass as they migrate up the creeks chasing shad. This fiesta occurs each year as the days get shorter, triggering largemouth bass to start fattening up for the long winter months.

Probably the first question: What baits should be thrown in order to give yourself the best opportunity to catch these hungry bass? Well, that’s a million-dollar question, but today you’ll get an angler’s perspective on the best baits that will put the odds in your favor. First, you have to understand the prey you’re trying to mimic because bass can be a little finicky this time of year. Baitfish, also known as shad, is the main thing they are looking for as the bass head up the creeks. They will travel in small wolf packs rounding up and forcing balls of shad (bait fish) into shallow water where they will ambush them with force. Remember, they won’t bite just any old bait, it must be something that looks similar to what they are eating.

One of the best baits for this style of fishing is a crankbait. Several come to mind like a Bandit 100 or 200 series in a shad pattern they call pearl/black back.  Strike King also makes a great crankbait in what is called the KVD Series (designed by pro angler Kevin Van Dam). Their best colors are a green gizzard shad or what they call sexy shad. Both are great shad imitators and will get the job done. Remember, it’s not complicated, just try to throw something that looks like bait fish or shad. The next great choice would be a spinnerbait, as nothing mimics shad better than a skirted spinnerbait with either double willow blades or a three-bladed spinnerbait. The three-bladed baits are very popular and productive this time of year.

Now let’s look at two great baits for topwater action. A Heddon Zara Spook or the Zara Puppy in a clear or shad color should be your first choice when it comes to walking-style bait. This is bait that literally walks side to side when being retrieved. It mimics bait fish running across the top of the water and bass just can’t stand it; they have to eat it! The next bait of choice for topwater is a buzz bait. This is a bait that looks similar to a spinner bait but is fished as a topwater with a big propeller-type blade. Most will come with a skirt just like a spinnerbait, but this time of year it’s better if you take the skirt off and replace it with some type of white wide tail grub, a twin tail grub, or a Zoom Horney Toad. Again, you’re just trying to mimic shad or bait fish scurrying across the water in order to trigger bass into biting.

I hope these suggestions will help you this fall as you head for your favorite body of water looking to take advantage of this awesome time of year. Another great thing about fall fishing is the fact that many of our lakes and waterways are bare of anglers since many of them are headed for the woods looking to put meat in their freezer with a deer or two, or maybe a few bushy tails.  Some days, you’ll literally have the lake all to yourself; that’s when the fun begins!  Till next time, good luck, good fishing, and don’t forget your sunscreen. Take it from this angler, Melanoma is not something you want to deal with.

The Sheriff’s Birthday

DeSoto Parish Sheriff Jayson Richardson celebrated a birthday this week.

Somebody in the Sheriff’s Office said, “Sign Gypsies of DeSoto Parish snuck in on us last night and left the Sheriff a little surprise! Happy 40th Birthday to Sheriff Jayson Richardson! We still don’t know who left a wheelchair in your office this morning, but it remains under investigation.”

The picture said it all!

How Do I Know If I Am Getting a Fair Lease Offer?

David Smith, Louisiana Manager, Argent Mineral Management

With oil and natural gas prices at such high levels, the market may be ripe to lease mineral rights. When presented with a lease offer, I and my colleagues at Argent Mineral Management recommend a two-step negotiation process.

The first part involves negotiating the primary term of the lease, bonus per acre, and royalty rate. Generally, the first offer is not the best, and other potential parties may also be interested in leasing the same tract.

It is also helpful to research the area around your minerals to determine if any companies (and which companies) are actively operating in that area to consider if competing offers can be generated. If possible, another tool to maximize your leverage is to determine if you can act in concert with other mineral owners in the area. These other owners can help to increase the size of the fractionalized interests while also offering insight into the terms they have been presented. Mineral managers or legal professionals who actively negotiate in the area also should be consulted for their opinion of market conditions.

While negotiating the primary term, it is in your best interest to keep it as short as possible. Terms of three years or less are preferred, and I strongly discourage an option period (also known as a “kicker”) for extending the term. Negotiating a high bonus per acre is a priority, but do not let the promise of a higher bonus sacrifice your royalty rate (percentage paid on production). Leases typically last for as long as oil and gas are produced in paying quantities.

To maximize the long-term value of your payments, a higher royalty rate is the leading consideration when negotiating terms.

Once terms have been agreed to, the second step is to negotiate the governing document surrounding the lease. Lease documents, as presented, almost always favor the operator. This contract determines how you are paid and the amount of activity on your minerals. Some important clauses to consider adding include:

  • Royalty valuation should be free of costs and valued at the higher of “market value” or “proceeds” at the point of sale or use (“no deduction clause”)
  • Right to inspection, records, information, and audit
  • Limiting the lease to certain depths (“depth clause”)
  • Limiting the amount of acreage an operator can maintain with one well (“pugh clause”)
  • Limiting the amount of acreage that can be pooled with other owners in the area
  • Do not warrant title

A properly negotiated lease can help secure the wealth-generating power of mineral assets to benefit owners and their future generations, as well as ensure that you are getting a fair lease offer.

OPPORTUNITY:  Advertising Sales

Advertising Salesperson wanted.  Immediate opening for a person to market local businesses using the Journal.  Digital news is the platform a rapidly increasing number of people look to for their information.   Your future success could be marketing your clients products and services on the Journal’s digital platforms.

The successful candidate should possess:

-a friendly smile and helpful attitude

-knowledge of the area and local businesses

-reliable transportation

-be a self-starter

-desire to earn a quality salary

This is a commissioned sales position.  The Journal offers high commissions coupled with bonuses and incentives based upon performance.

Send your resume and contact information by email to:

OPPORTUNITY:  Assistant Publisher

The DeSoto Parish Journal has experienced tremendous growth in the past year.  Therefore, an Assistant Publisher is needed to supervise the gathering and production of local news items.

This is an immediate opening for a newly created position.  Salary and benefits to be negotiated.

Skills the successful candidate should possess include:

Covering local news events and boiling down the important aspects of the event into a news article.

Photographic skills to portray the event.

Research skills to supplement coverage of an event, including preparation prior to an interview, meeting, etc.

Journalistic ethics including being able to distinguish between the facts of an event and the “spin” of the event. 

Acute observation and note taking to assure accuracy of reporting, especially quotations from individuals involved in the story.

The ability to ask relevant questions and keep the subject of an interview on track.

And the appreciation of hard work and diligence in the gathering, writing, and disseminating local news.

Interested candidates should submit a brief resume, photo, and all contact information.  All submissions should be via email should be addressed to:

Notice of Death – Friday, September 30, 2022

Jerry Wayne Sullivan, Sr.

July 6, 1943 to September 13, 2022

View full obituary here:

Mildred Hildebrand Edwards

April 4, 1923 to September 21, 2022

View full obituary here:

Arthur Wilson

August 11, 1948 to September 25, 2022

Services will be held Saturday, October 1, 2022 at Starlight Baptist Church in Coushatta, LA at 11 a.m.

Robert Green

November 5, 1948 to September 21, 2022

Services will be held Saturday, October 1, 2022 at 11:00 am at Jenkins Funeral Home Chapel in Mansfield, LA.

Josie McClanahan

February 7, 1961 to September 19, 2022

Services will be held on Saturday October 1, 2022 at 11:00 am at Morning Star Baptist Church in Many, LA.

Robert Brown

March 24, 1941 to September 18, 2022

Services will be held Saturday, October 1, 2022, at Jenkins Funeral Home Chapel in Mansfield, LA at 2:00 pm.

The DeSoto Parish Journal publishes paid obituaries – unlimited words and a photo, as well as unlimited access – $70. The obituary will be included in the emails sent to subscribers.  Contact your funeral provider or Must be paid in advance of publication. (Notice of Death shown above with no link to the obituary are FREE of charge.)

ETC… For Friday, September 30, 2022

The Logansport Story Hour children enjoyed a visit from “Johnny Appleseed” on Wednesday.  Mr. Appleseed shared a fascinating secret about the apple and the night sky stars.  If you’re lucky you may cross paths with one of our children and they will share the secret with you…….

Thank Johnny Appleseed for taking time to visit us at Logansport Library.

Logansport High School students, teachers and community members gathered around the flagpole for national See You At The Pole Thursday morning.  Thank you to Coach Stroud and his FCA members for organizing this event.  Thank you to Bro Shawn Thrapp at First Baptist Church Logansport and some of youth and adult leaders for coming be a part of our morning & providing donuts for everyone.

North DeSoto High School FCA students met at the 2022 See You At The Pole Thursday morning to pray for our students, school, community and our country.

Mestiza cultural authority Rhonda Gauthier will be named a Louisiana Tradition Bearer by the Louisiana Folklife Commission and honored at a ceremony Saturday, October 8 at 2 p.m. at the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest Louisiana History Museum at 800 Front Street in Natchitoches. Serving as a folklife ambassador for the Louisiana Folklife Commission, Dr. Shane Rasmussen, professor of English and director of the Louisiana Folklife Center at Northwestern State University, will talk with Gauthier about her lifetime spent preserving Louisiana’s traditional folklife. The event is free and open to the general public.

Fire Alert – Benson/Catuna Area


September 29, 2022 at 4:16:48 PM CDT
The DeSoto Sheriff’s Office posted, “This fire had been contained around 4:05pm but just after sending notification it jumped a fire line.   First Responders remain on scene in an attempt to contain the fire and clear the area.”

Here is the text of the prior story:

DeSoto Sheriff and Fire are currently on scene of a large woods fire in the area of Sam Booker Road between Hudson Darby and Hwy 171.  Please stay clear of the area at this time and choose a different route if traveling through. 

The Sheriff’s Department said these roads are closed:  Sam Booker to Mustiful Road and Hudson Darby from Sam Booker to Highway 171.

We will update the public when this is under control and all roadways have been reopened.

Roll On Griffins

On Friday Night, the North Desoto Griffins (4-0) finally experienced the type of adversity that makes teams with  championship aspirations figure out who they really are.

If you just see the 40-12 Griffins victory, that doesn’t tell the whole story. The Minden Crimson Tide started off their Homecoming Festivities with a 12-0 First Quarter due to ball control offense and special team miscues.

The Griffins were in a position rarely seen this season, one where they played from behind. They knuckled down in the 2nd quarter and the usual suspects finally joined the party.

Luke Delafield only completed 5 of 15 passes for 147 yards, but connected on two beautiful touchdowns to his favorite target Cole Cory who Finished with 4 catches and 150 yards receiving.

John Lewis and Brian Banks both scored touchdowns on the ground and Jordan Milton had the defensive trifecta, a sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery on the same play, that scored a touchdown for the Defense. Defense caused 4 total turnovers on the night to bring their season total takeaways to 21.

The Griffins return to the friendly confines of Stonewall for Homecoming v. BTW (0-4) on Friday Night at 7pm.

The Director Gets Her Chair

A custom embroidered Director’s Chair was presented to Carole Canfield by the Back Alley Theatre at the group’s annual board meeting on Monday night.  Canfield worked with the theatre for many years dating back to her debut as a director in 2003.

Linda Sibley made the presentation, which took Canfield by surprise.  Sibley said, “I met her in 1980 when she moved to the area as a substitute teacher, and she helped with high school plays.  Back Alley Theatre was started in 2001 and she was there from the beginning.”

“The best way to honor Carole for her service and leadership for over 20 years is to maintain her standard of ethics,” said Sibley.  She added, “Make sure the plays we put on are for the whole family and they are good plays.”

Canfield’s expertise at fundraising was also noted.  Sibley saiud, “The community was always so supportive, and Carole could find donors and recruit workers for our projects.”

Sibley concluded, “We will honor you best by keeping Back Alley Theatre alive.” 

Canfield was thankful as she told the group, “We did it because it is fun putting on a play.  We kept a good quality product so the community would want to invest in us.”  And she added, “There have been so many good people around me to help out.  I thank you all.”

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Brock McGee for his second win in the DeSoto Parish Journal’s High School Football Pickers contest.  Brock wins a second $100 weekly prize for picking the most winners in last week’s football games.

How did you do?  Here are the correct answers:

Weekly High School Pickers Contest – DPJ


Week Ending



At Home



North DeSoto















Bossier High




















St Mary’s





D’Arbonne Woods







Lincoln Prep



Tie #1

J’Boro-Hodge at Lincoln Prep

Total Score


Tie #2

North DeSoto at Minden

Total Score


The Journal invites you to pick the winners in this week’s High School Football Pickers Contest.  The fan who gets the most games correct will win $100.

Click HERE to enter online.  North DeSoto and Logansport play at home.  Mansfield is at Calvary.  And their district rivals are in action also.

Entry deadline is Friday at 4:00 pm.  Everyone in the parish is eligible so what are you waiting for?

Jambalaya Lunch Sells Out

By Van Reech

The Mansfield Lions Club held a big Jambalaya Lunch on Friday, September 23, 2022 with “Cavaliers Cajun Connection” cooking up several hundred dinners for the Lions to sell.  The Lions offered delivery on 10 or more and pick up or dine in at the Clista A. Calhoun Center in Mansfield. 

The club was very pleased with the success of this fundraiser because EVERY dinner prepared was sold.  Lions President, Terri Byrd, wants to thank everyone who purchased a dinner or contributed to the event. 

The proceeds of this fundraiser will go to the Louisiana Lions Camp in Anacoco just north of Leesville, La. The Camp is a non-profit summer camp in June and July free of charge for boys and girls who are mentally or physically challenged, have diabetes, or have pulmonary disorders.  It is wholly supported by the Lions Clubs of Louisiana.  The Camp allows children with needs to enjoy and share the camping experience.

Mansfield drops a tough one to Logansport High School

The Mansfield Wolverines traveled down to Logansport for an inter-parish contest between the Wolverines and the Tigers.  The Tigers came out playing with a fierce passion from the opening kickoff. The Tigers took the victory, 52 – 8.

Mansfield’s lone score of the night came on a 14 yard scamper by quarterback Dekeldrick Thomas.  The 2 point conversion was rushed in by Terrance Pegues.

This Friday the Wolverines travel to Calvary.

Letters in the key of life 

By Teddy Allen

Yo Brendan! 

Word is you’re headed to church retreat to begin your high school senior year. I’ve been asked to write a letter of encouragement. You’ll get several from friends for you to read this week. Mine is a humble C+ at best, but I’m honored to be asked …  

You were born the day after I coached my final Little League game. For 10-plus years I had that privilege; most fun I’ve ever had. 

The day before you were born, we lost in the semifinals of the state championship, and if I’d have done just a couple things differently — like called time and talked to my pitcher Scarf one batter earlier — I feel certain we’d have been in the finals. And the team that won it all was better than we were but … they might not have been better than us two-out-of-three, not right then. Not on those days.  

So the next day driving up I-49, thinking about nothing other than what I have just told you, coming home after a week in South Louisiana and wishing I could turn back the clock and wishing I’d gotten my lard butt off the bucket and gone to the mound in the top of the ninth — your dad calls. 

Saw his name on the screen and knew what it was about.  

You had arrived on the scene. 

I felt better right then. 

Even though our little team of 14-year-olds didn’t quite get it done, they did as good as they possibly could have. Still, I was sad over the ending. 

And then your beginning made me happy 

Harmony of the universe and all that. God is like that sometimes.  

I would have loved to have seen you more as you grew up into the wonderful young man you’ve become. 

But I’ve gotten to “watch” you a lot through pictures and mostly through stories from your mom and dad. Every time they mention you, their voices are filled with joy and laughter and gratitude. Every time. It’s been fun to listen. And see. 

Seems all the stories have had happy endings. We’ve been blessed. 

I have a picture posted on my wall of you at age 3-ish sucking down a milkshake at a Shreveport burger joint, your eyes bulging and your cheeks working overtime. I have another picture of you running the bases with a batting helmet on, all business. I remember Brad pushing you into the pool and I remember us playing baseball outside your house.  

Since then, you have learned the joy of live theatre. Learned how to do long division. Figured out how to try and not be scared on a first date. Learned a lot—but you’re just beginning. Keep your mind and heart open for all God is teaching you. 

I am proud of you and love you because your mom and dad are proud of you and love you. There is never anything you could do, good or bad, that would make us love you more or less. We accept you right now as you are and are grateful for you being you. 

Maybe you get the point of all this, which is that I have always been a Brendan cheerleader and that will always be the case. It has made me proud when your parents have called me with a “Little Teddy” update. You were almost named that, but it would have been a disservice to you. You are a Brendan, and a really, really good one. 

A wise man once told me: Be kind. Love God and your neighbor. Don’t be too hard on yourself. That’s it. Enjoy this life you’ve been given. 

Your friend always, 

Uncle TA 

Contact Teddy at 


Grand Cane Market

Today is the last day for vendor to sign up to take part in the Fall Market in historic Grand Cane.  The Fall Market will be held from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm on November 5, 2022.

Put the market on your calendar for the first Saturday in November. They promise lots of food, fun, vendors and live music.  This is a free, family friendly event.

Vendors wishing to sign up, contact  Today is the deadline.

Farm & Fam Day

By Mandi Mills

Saturday, October 1st is our Saturday, October 1st is our Farm & Fam Day at Clara Springs Camp.  The event begins at 9:00 am and goes until 1:00 pm.  Rockin’ I Auction will be on campus that day.

Farm & Fam Day costs $1/person to enter. We will have local craft vendors, food available to purchase at the Clara Springs Snack Shack, and Camp Cinnamon Rolls for sale.

If you are interested in being a vendor you can register here:

Crusin Moved to November

The annual car show is being moved to November.  Due to a scheduling conflict with another local car show, Cruisin’ in Grand Cane will be held on November 5th.

This is an open show with all classic autos, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, etc. invited.  And there will be entertainment by the 50’s and 60’s oldies group Flashback.

For registration and other information contact Dianne Mason at