Arrest in Clerk’s Office

On October 10, Clerk of Court, Jeremy Evans was booked into the Desoto Parish Detention
Center for two misdemeanor counts of electioneering at a nursing home. This arrest comes four
days before the primary election on October 14, 2023.

Evans made a Facebook post on September 20 of himself at the Desoto Retirement Home. He
is photographed with several residents. RS 18:1334 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes,
prohibits anyone from campaigning at a nursing home for any office within 7 days prior to when
voting begins. Early voting began September 30. There are also RS 18:1333 and R.S. 18:1309
which state that residents of “nursing homes” who are qualified voters may vote early during a
period extending at least one week prior to the beginning day for early voting through the last
day for early voting. When determining when campaigning shall cease at a nursing home, the
timeframe is at least 14 days before Early Voting begins. Evan’s post puts him inside the
designated 14 days.

The penalties for this misdemeanor are a fine of not more than $500 or imprisonment of not
more than six months or both.

Evans, in a Facebook post after posting bond, accuses District Attorney Charlie Adams’
campaign of being politically motivated to have him arrested and degraded in the voter’s minds.
This accusation comes on the heals of Adams writing a letter to the voters of Desoto Parish in
which he enumerates his reasons for believing that Evans is not performing his duties in an
“honest or ethical manner”.

This developing story, affects all voters of Desoto Parish. The DPJ will continue to search out
the facts and report on the effects of the ongoing turmoil.