Village Theater is open for business

A new venue has arrived in Grand Cane. The Village Theater hails as “Grand Cane’s one stop shop for live and film events! Classic movies, live music, live theater!”

The theater is nestled inside the Central Christian Academy (1035 2nd Street) in the beautiful, historic auditorium. With over 350 seats, the theater is the perfect location to bring the community together in celebration of the arts. The Village Theater has partnered with Central Christian Academy to once again bring quality plays and musical performances to the area.

Grand Cane High School, incorporated in 1883, was the first accredited high school in the State of Louisiana. The school has had four different buildings, with the last one constructed in 1925. A significant feature of this historic building is a stage and large auditorium seating 300 and a balcony seating 60. The community and school enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship, with Grand Cane residents turning out for all school events. The stage entertained its audience with a long tradition of plays, recitations and musical performances. “The Windmills of Holland”, an operetta in two acts performed in 1914, is typical of what the school shared with the community.

An article in The Shreveport Times, dated May 28, 1967, stated, “After 82 years, the flags at Grand Cane School were hauled down for the last time and the oldest school in the state closed its doors forever. Children closed their books and the rooms stand silent.” This announcement of the school’s demise was premature.

In the summer of 1967, community residents organized the Central School Corporation as a private school, and in August 1967, the school opened with 26 students. The Corporation leased Grand Cane High School. Recently, the school changed its name to Central Christian Academy. Today students sit in the classrooms of the building constructed in 1925. The auditorium remains in mint condition, with wooden seats, hardwood flooring and vintage ceiling and lighting.

At the Village Theater, you’re invited to lose yourself in the mystery and magic of live theater. Throughout the year, there will be live-action plays that showcase drama, comedy, and tragedy. Live theater provides the perfect setting to see and experience stories from diverse and exciting perspectives. It can also help you transport yourself to a different world, connect with others in a shared experience, make unforgettable memories with friends and make you think or feel something new and exciting.

Move to the beat of the music. Attend a lively concert at the Village Theater. Spend a relaxing evening enjoying the sounds and feeling of live music at the Village Theater. You do not need an excuse to see excellent live music. But if you need a reason, the Village Theater recommends seeing live music to boost your mood and have fun, support local musicians in the area, bond with your partner or friends, and/or discover your new favorite genre.

Unleash your inner film buff. Join the Village Theater for a classic movie night. The best way to watch the classics is on the big screen. So gather your friends and family and head over to watch your favorite movie. It provides the perfect setting for you to laugh and cry alongside classic films like Casablanca and West Side Story.

Ownership is not only committed to honoring the arts, they are also dedicated to giving back to the students. All proceeds from concession sales go directly to Central Christian Academy.

You can check out the upcoming performances and purchase tickets at For more information, you can call 903.343.9917 or send a message on the website. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter for a shot at Free Tickets Friday.