Central Christian Academy announces basketball schedule

Basketball season begins this week for Central Christian Academy. This season is filled with events, rivals, and chances to fellowship with the entire community. Coach Layne Huckabay says he is excited about the line-up. “We are going to have a great year”. To catch the Pioneers in action, keep up with this schedule and show up to every game.
2023-24 schedule     Game Time:   VG-5pm VB 6pm unless indicated

October 24        Faith Training   Home     Pink out game
October 27        WOGM             Home     VG only 6:30 pm
November 4      PCA                  Home     VG 1pm VB 2pm
November 14    LSMSA              Away
November 16    Faith Training    Away
November 28    PCA                   Away
November 30    LSMSA              Home     VG 6pm VB 7pm
December 5      WOGM              Away       VG 6:30pm
December 12    Riverdale           Home
January 5          UCA                   Home
January 9          Claiborne           Home
January 12        Briarfield            Away
January 16        Riverdale           Away
January 19        NEB                   Away
January 23       Claiborne           Away
January 26       UCA                   Away
January 30       NEB                   Home
February 2       Briarfield           Home