Making Christmas History in DeSoto Parish

News Release
November 16th, 2023
Sheriff Jayson Richardson
DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office

If you Google “What is the current tallest Christmas Tree structure in the world?” you may find results such as in Enid, Oklahoma which stands at 140 feet, or perhaps Indianapolis, Indiana which stands at 284 feet. Such a structure not only provides a little extra holiday spirit during Christmas, but also brings in tourists to visit, admire, and shop in those areas that have made their mark as a welcoming stop during the Christmas Season.

This is a thought that came across Sheriff Jayson Richardson’s mind in December of 2022, as he drove by a specific location and pondered: “Perhaps we can put DeSoto Parish at the top of that list.” Sheriff Richardson soon began contacting entities such as the FAA, FCC, Kay Radio & Electronics out of Alexandria, and various other sponsors and donors that would be willing to approve and cover all time and costs associated with such a bold project. Sheriff Richardson made contact with one man who is currently creating his own Christmas Themed Business here in DeSoto Parish, the “Lumiere Christmas Experience.” Mr. Perry Thompson soon jumped onboard with the Sheriff’s idea, and
accepted the challenge.

The project began in early 2023, and it is time to share this bold idea with you all, as it is destined to become a reality this Christmas! Built around our communications tower at the Stonewall Government Plaza, and standing at a record breaking 300 feet (that’s 28 stories tall), you will find the Tallest Christmas Tree structure currently in the World, right here in DeSoto Parish! The new structure exhibits
a whopping 10,250 beautiful LED lights for all to see, and we want you to join us for its official Lighting Ceremony!

On Friday, November 24th, we invite you to join us at 6:30pm as we make history in DeSoto Parish, and light up the sky with this beautiful world record of a Christmas Tree! You may be welcomed with some hot cocoa and a special visit from the man wayyy up north, Santa Claus himself. Come and join us for a wonderful moment as we unveil: “The Spirit of DeSoto Tree”

Mark Pierce, PIO
Public Relations & Social Media
Cellular Forensics Operator & Analyst
DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office
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