Rock Chunker Or Advocate?

Those attending the October Men of Prayer last Thursday were challenged.  Are you a rock chunker?  Or are you an Advocate?  Raymond Wilkerson posed those questions.

His message was based on John 8, a familiar story of the woman caught in adultery.  Wilkerson asked, “How many of us have been rock throwers?  A rock thrower wants to call out sin in other people’s lives.”

The woman had been beaten down by the crowd, humiliated at what had happened.  Wilkerson said, “Sinner, it could be you’re here today.  They will stay where they are without an advocate.

He looked at Jesus’ action.  Wilkerson said, “He went where the problem was, he bent down to the woman.  Then he wrote in the dirt and the woman’s accusers all went away.”

Wilkerson’s point was that everyone needs an advocate at some time, someone to stand up for them in a time of trouble.  He said all of have been rock chunkers at one time or another.  And some of us have been an advocate for someone else.  He added, “When a sinner has an advocate the rock chunkers go away.”  Wilkerson encouraged the men gathered to become an advocate for someone.

His message was strong and moving.  And it followed inspiring music by the praise team at Open Road Fellowship Church.  They began with “Gratitude” and built up to Wilkerson’s message. 

Another inspiring evening is promised on November 4th when Men of Prayer will hear from Caleb Robison from Gloster Baptist Church.  Men of Prayer meets the first Thursday of each month at the Stonewall Community Center.