Antique Adoption Held Friday and Saturday

The most recent Antique Adoption Trade Days was held last Friday and Saturday at Keatchie.  It attracted a large crowd to the open-air marketplace.

The Journal spoke with owner Chastity Peppers said, “This is one of three times each year we put on the Trade Days at Keatchie. Plus we are offering items online and on social media.  We ship all over the world.”

The assortment of items Peppers had crowded into the barn was truly impressive.  And the group of vendors in the open air market was equally as impressive.  There were arts and crafts items, fabrics, jewelry, furniture, and a whole lot more.

Peppers described herself as a “picker” much like the famous duo on TV.  She said, “I am a finder.  I go picking all over the United States.  I find treasures and bring them back to offer up for sale.”  She added, “I like to put these treasures in the hands of younger people who repurpose them.  They figure out how to re-use old things.”

“We let people ‘adopt’ out historical pieces.  This is our past and our future.  We cannot forget where we came from,” said Peppers.

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