Enrollment is Up

Encouraged by a substantial jump in the number of students joining 4-H this year, DeSoto 4-H Agent Molly Usrey reported on the program to the DeSoto Parish School Board last Thursday.  She said they have 300 plus students enrolled with more signing up.  And the Shooting Sports program has 150 members this year.

Usrey said participation and activities declined last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, she added, “We’re alive and well despite the pandemic.  We made some program changes last year and introduced the 4-H Science Lab for teachers.”  Usrey explained the Science Lab provided a different science experiment each month.  “The kids loved it.  We’re doing it again this year,” said Usrey.

Other programs that were restructured because of COVID were discussed.  Usrey said there was a teen program.  Usrey said, “We gave lessons on adulting, or things not learned in high school that adults need to know.”  Summer camp also changed.  We held a day camp and had 17 campers, 3 team leaders, plus volunteers participate.

Usrey introduced Kinley from North Desoto High and Elizabeth from Stanley High.  They told of their roles in the local 4-H program.  Both are in shooting sports, and they spelled out their experiences and awards won.  Both said they met many new friends.  And Elizabeth added, “4-H is being a part of something bigger, of giving time to serve others.”