New Scam Alert For Businesses

The DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division is currently investigating a new scam in our area that has so far affected two businesses.  Here is what you need to know:

In the past week, two local businesses received a phone call from what appeared to be a corporate office.  The scam caller knew names of employees and layout of the businesses.  Employees were given a story and were instructed to remove money from their business or safe to deliver to another location.  It is unknown at this time what the intentions are of the scam caller, or how they intend to retrieve the money.  Thus far, employees have acted on good intuition and did not comply, however the businesses have reported that this scam caller was very believable with their information.  We thank those who have not only reported this information to us, but acted with great intuition as to avoid potential danger or damages.

If you should receive a call similar to this, our office advises you to do the following:  Tell the caller that you are going to hang up and call your corporate office or manager to verify.  Do not use any phone numbers provided to you by the potential scammer to verify anything.  In the event that your corporate office or manager cannot verify the story, please contact investigators with the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office immediately at (318) 872-3956.

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