Final Fish Was Fried

By Lee Dickson and Sue Kaufman

Bubba and Mandi Mills have just concluded another great year of “Fourth Friday Fish Fry Events” at Clara Springs Camp, having great attendance each month (January-October). 

Gracious churches came voluntarily to cook and serve.  The food and the fellowship was outstanding every month. 

We are already looking forward to what God is going to do through the various Ministry Events there in 2022.

The final fish fry last Friday was done by volunteers from Martin Baptist Church.

Sue Kaufman of Martin Baptist said, “Last night at Clara Springs Fourth Friday Fish Fry was such an honor that MBC had their night of helping.”

Kaufman added, “I was touched by all of the workers, but what about those Mills girls.  They cleaned tables, made sure everybody had everything they needed, served and did so much more, but what I noticed is that they had smiles on their faces the whole night. I love our children and young people!  Thank you Bubba and Mandi for giving all those young babies opportunities to work and learn how to serve for Jesus and thank you both for raising your girls to live, love, serve and share about Jesus. Fun night all around!!”

The Fourth Friday Fish Fry at Clara Springs Camp will resume next year.