Congressman Comes to DeSoto

Our representative in the US Congress, Mike Johnson held a Town Hall meeting in DeSoto Parish on Monday.  It was streamed live on the DeSoto Parish Journal’s Facebook page.  You may watch from the archive HERE.

Johnson criticized the current President, his administration, and Democrats in Congress for their stand.  He said, “They have been tough on the family, but all will change soon.”  Johnson referred to the next national election cycle in 2020.  His big three issues are, “Inflation, immigration and incompetence.”

The Congressman termed the current administration incompetent.  “People are frustrated about what is happening,” said Johnson.  He added, “The team in charge is not exposing values that most of us believe in.  The American ideas.  These values made us the exceptional country we are.”

The major issues of interest in the coming months include a Mississippi abortion case to be argued before the US Supreme Court today (Wednesday December 1) that could result in overturning the landmark Roe Vs Wade decision.

Another issue, Johnson said, “This week the Senate is about to pass the National Defense Authorization act for military spending and construction.  Our major priorities are Barksdale Air Force Base and Fort Polk.  As it left the House, the bill authorizes more spending for the military in Louisiana’s 4th District than elsewhere in the country.”  Johnson said he is very pleased that is about to happen.

And Congressman Johnson spoke of the $29 Trillion deficit.  “Right now, the government is into too many things, and they don’t do any of them well.  If we don’t fix this, inflation will be a permanent way of life, our currency will be devalued, and our kids will not have all the freedoms that we had.”

For over an hour, Johnson discussed national issues and he also took questions from the audience.  Some of those issues were election reform taking in place in many states following the 2020 elections, the mandate that all employees receive COVID vaccine to work, and Johnson was asked if Donald Trump would run again for President in 2024.  Johnson said he met recently with Trump and discussed that subject.  He said all Trump would comment was, “Whatever I am planning to do, you will be very, very happy.”

You may watch the entire Town Hall on the DeSoto Parish Journal’s Facebook page.  Just CLICK HERE.