Logansport Firefighter Honored

Congratulations to Walter Wells on being named our firefighter of the year! It’s also known as the “golden boy” award at our department.  Wells is Fire District 1 at Logansport.

Local entertainer Ashley Wells is Wells’ wife.  She praised her husband with these 5

 Characteristics of a Firefighter:

▪️ Excellence in Communication.

We all know that’s one thing this man is good at, lol. Talking!!

▪️ Compassion.

He may try and put on a straight face and come across as “hard”, but this man is the most loving & caring person I know. To know him is to love him, and anyone he comes across he considers a friend and will go above and beyond to help you anyway he can.

▪️ Fast and Sound Decision-Making Skills.

A few years back, NYE night, on our way to Center Texas; I watched this man stop on a dime and without hesitation jump out of the car and walk straight into a burning house we came across. No bunker gear, no tools or back up around, he walked in to make sure no one was in that house. Once the local fire dept arrived on scene, without missing a beat, he assisted until no one was left on scene. I don’t know about you, but this is the type of person I’d want having my back if I was a fellow firefighter.

▪️ Courage. 

I think I covered this one with the comment above; but I’ve seen this man leave the comfort and protection of his home, on his day off, during horrible storms and weather to cut trees out of roadways so that the power companies could get through and restore power. Numerous times. No, he didn’t have to. Yes it’s his job; but to me that’s still courage.

▪️ Physical Stamina and Strength.

I’ve seen this man work from daylight til dark, in 100 degree weather, just to make ends meet for his family. He doesn’t stop until the jobs done.

There’s also loyalty, honesty, and being dependable.

This man wouldn’t even lie for me to keep me outta handcuffs lol. But I could definitely count on him to come and make my bail.

I don’t know anyone else more deserving of the FIRE FIGHTER OF THE YEAR award aka “Golden Boy” belt than this man right here. It makes my heart smile knowing others see and recognize his hard work, dedication, & determination. He has faults as we all do, but I’m more than proud to call him my husband. Congratulations honey, We Love ya big!!

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