Help Dealing With Life’s Issues

By Lee Hartman

Celebrate Recovery Stonewall UPC is a Christ-Centered recovery group that is reaching out to those that are struggling with life’s issues. Our goal is to make an impact in the lives of others that will leave a lasting impression and one that will be carried to others as we help transform the lives and homes of those within our community.

Even though Celebrate Recovery is viewed as an alcohol and addiction group, that is not our target. Those things are only the proverbial salve on a wound. We target the issues that cause people to turn to these quick fixes.

We dig up the roots that have infiltrated the heart so that true healing can take place and self-medication is no longer needed. We go straight to the one source and only healer, which is Jesus Christ! Together, we can overcome life’s challenges with the help of Jesus!

Contact Lee M. Hartman at 318.464.5827.  Celebrate Recovery meets at Stonewall UPC, 1709 US-171 every Friday at 7:00 pm.