Thomas Jones Announces for Mayor of Mansfield

I am formally announcing my candidacy for Mayor of Mansfield in this upcoming 2022 Election. I currently serve as DeSoto Parish Police Juror for District 4D and has given my full commitment as a public servant for over 12 years in this capacity. During my time in office, I authored several initiatives to improve processes and procedures to help advance the parish government to the 21St Century. Employees have better working environments, benefits, and wages as a result.

If elected Mayor, I will be devoted to energizing the younger generation. I am convinced that we can no longer continue to incarcerate our youth and young adults for misdemeanors or non-violent crimes, especially first-time offenders. It cost citizens thousands of dollars annually to house and feed inmates. Those tax dollars can be diverted to counseling and treatment programs that will help the victims get a fresh start and potentially become productive citizens in our community.

As the mayor, I plan to focus on a cleaner, safer, and caring environment. WE MUST BEAUTIFY OUR TOWN!!! The community also must unify to regain our status as a city. An extensive effort must be exerted to expand current businesses and bring new businesses to our city. I am up for the challenge!! I pledge to welcome new businesses to our city, as we improve and cultivate relationships with past and current business owners and encourage the restarting and expansion of their businesses. In order to resuscitate our community, we will have to evaluate and assess the necessary changes in our operations and processes and take corrective actions. While we work to beautify our community, and improve conditions of current homes, I will be collaborating diligently with developers and investors to improve our current housing markets. We will pursue and build new subdivisions for affordable housing in our town.

The result of all our efforts will yield a higher tax base, and our employees and citizenship will be the benefactors through higher wages, better-quality of life and improved services. I commit to leading by example. It is imperative that there is inclusion and accountability at all levels for the success of our administration.

In closing , I humbly ask for your support and prayers as we strive to change our direction for a better Mansfield. We can only succeed in our mission by working together. I WILL BE A MAYOR FOR ALL OF THE CITIZENS!!!


Thomas Jones