Police Jury Report

By Nicole Tull

The DeSoto Parish Police Jury met Tuesday evening at 5:00 pm. All jurors were present. A full gallery was present. The first item on the agenda was a retirement award to Wardell Bowie for his 12 years at the Mundy Landfill. (pictured)

Donna Curtis with Shreveport Green Hazardous Waste was a guest announcing the hazardous waste collection for DeSoto Parish as April 30. There will be collections at various sites around the parish. Linda Ray was also a guest in attendance speaking about the railroad crossing near her daughter’s house. She highlighted the reasons why it needs to stay open and not be closed along with other crossings.

Reggie Roe gave a report on business from his time as president. He said $1.8 million is designated to overlay Hwy 5 to Hwy 3015, Keatchi to Longstreet. This project will be complete within the year. Additional monies are secured for Hwy 3276 from Hwy 171 to I-49 roadwork. Roe continued by saying that the new president will need to nominate a person for Economic Development.

President Ernell Jones reported that there will be a someone come at the next meeting to talk more about a mill to convert methane gas to a usable gas at the landfill. Jones also wants to do a study to see if everyone in the parish has access to drinking water.

The administrator reported that Foster Campbell, Louisiana Public Safety Commission public entity energy efficient grant of $220,000 for the parish. He further reported that they have ceased taking applications for the treasurer. Out of the eleven applicants, none were CPAs, however, three will be interviewed.

April Freeman was introduced as the assistant treasurer. Malisa Lafitte will be vacating the seat as treasurer. Lafitte followed with the treasurer’s report.

There were several resolutions discussed. The one concerning the closing of railroad crossings was tabled until the next meeting. Juror Ross wanted to meet with KCS for further consultation.

There were several line items under budget and finance. Multi-Cultural Center was discussed at several points. Cooperative Endeavors with many entities including AmeriCorps Seniors, Logansport Christmas Festival, and Mundy Landfill were also discussed and voted on.

Under Personnel, there were recommendation for several people to attend various meetings on behalf of the parish. Lastly there were Road Items to discuss. Naming of Julia Pvt Ln in Frierson; speed bumps in Fox Trot and Forrest Subdivisions; drainage; and E Street in Frierson.