Mansfield, La. Then & Now

By Mike Mangham at Twin Blends Photography

We’ve always loved Mansfield, so we were so excited when we found this cool old panorama picture at the Northwest Louisiana Archives at LSUS that was taken in 1923 by Eureka studio! In 2021, we went to the exact spot that it was taken and took our own picture.

Not much has changed! We’re including a few other old photos that we found as well as a couple of pictures of items that we found while metal detecting the spot where they were building the Fred’s Discount store on the corner of Washington Ave and Canary Lane! We found the 1853 O (Minted at New Orleans) Seated Liberty Half Dime just before dark deep under a root there on that corner. Not sure if the half dime has arrows with the date or not but we have included the values of what it could be worth!

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