Do We Need Another Beauty Queen?

By Journal Publisher John Brewer

Every school has a Homecoming Queen.  And there seems to be a queen chosen for each fair or festival you attend.  So that got me to thinking, the Journal needs to hold a pageant and select our queen.

Yes! We do need a queen!

We will rent a prominent hall to hold the pageant.  There can be entries from churches, schools, and social clubs.  Moms and grandmoms can prepare the contestants outfits.  We can have competition in talent, swimsuit, camo, and other categories.

It will be a great time.  So, send your entries in. There is no entry fee.  And the tickets to the pageant will be free also.  The Journal will be selecting our “Miss Information” in the near future. 

We’ll do it right after we wrap up our quadra-annual Ugly Baby Contest.