Seeing Through Different Eyes

Recently in his World History class, Jeremy Burnett and his students were analyzing the advancements in technology during WWI through the eyes of a journalist. They discussed how WWI ushered in the use of gas/chemical warfare which affected everyone, including women and children.

To give the World History students at North DeSoto High a little more realism to the lesson on the difficulties of wearing gas masks and performing everyday tasks,  Mr. Burnett taught the lesson wearing a modern era gas mask.  It was a sight to see!

(Editor’s note: The lesson is very topical with reports in the news that Russia is considering the use of chemical and biological weapons in the war against Ukraine.  World treaties following World War I outlawed the use of chemical weapons.  The Geneva Protocol outlining chemical weapons in warfare was signed in 1925.  Russia (as the Soviet Union ratified the protocol in 1928.)