Seabaugh Seeks New Senate District 31 Seat

Legislative redistricting this year created an expanded Senate District 31 to include all or parts of 10 parishes in north Louisiana.  Currently Louie Bernard of Natchitoches is the senator from District 31, however Bernard recently announced he would not run for the new, expanded district.

State Representative Alan Seabaugh has decided to run for that seat.  Seabaugh told The Journal he is a perfect fit.  “I grew up there, it is where I deer hunt and fish, and I have family throughout the district,” said Seabaugh.  He added, “My mom grew up I Natchitoches and Winn parishes, my dad in Sabine and my grandfather ran the sawmill in Zwolle.  Both parents moved to Winnfield and my wife and I dated in high school.  I proposed to my wife on the Natchitoches riverfront.  I have family in every parish in the district.”

He describes himself politically as a “pretty conservative Republican.”  Seabaugh said, “I am concerned about issues and voters can take a look at the record and see I have done a good job.  I can get things done.”

Seabaugh discussed several top issues with The Journal.  They were gun rights, right to life and jobs.  He said “I have a 100% record of voting with the NRA and the Louisiana Shooters Association.  I have a lot of guns and I strongly believe in people’s right to carry and to protect themselves.”  Asked about “red flag laws” or other methods of preventing violence acts, Seabaugh said, “We have to be very careful.  The right to keep and bear arms is in the Constitution and we are talking about taking away that right for some individuals who have not broken any law or done something wrong.  I did pass a bill to impose enhanced penalties for a felon convicted of a violent crime and then commits another violent crime with a gun.  We have to look at that (limiting constitutional rights) very, very carefully.”

On the subject of right to life, Seabaugh said, “I have a 100% voting record in support of Louisiana Right to Life.  I have carried bills for them, and I have co-authored most of their bills that passed.”

On jobs, Seabaugh has been recognized by the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) for standing up for working families and opposing tax increases.  Seabaugh said, “If you are concerned about jobs, talk to LABI.”  He also has been named Legislator of the Year by the National Federation of Independent Businesses and other groups.

Traditionally open seats in the legislature tend to draw a crowd of candidates.  The Journal asked Seabaugh how he intended to stand out.  He said, “I agree, and I don’t want to try to keep other people from running.  The district covers 10 parishes, and I don’t think anybody else is going to be able to cover all 10 parishes like I can. I would be very surprised if anyone has the inroads that I do. I have a legislative record that is pretty clear.  I keep my promises, I work hard for my constituents, and I know how to get things done in Baton Rouge.”