Create Unity in the Community

Mansfield’s new mayor and town council were sworn in last Friday afternoon to kick off an elaborate inaugural event.  DeSoto Clerk of Court Jeremy Evans administered the oath of office.  Natchitoches Mayor Ronnie Evans brought words of encouragement.

Then the new Mayor Thomas Jones called for a new direction for the town.  Jones envisions several changes to move Mansfield forward.  He referred to this several times during his remarks.

Jones said, “I look forward to working with the town council.  It will be great.  This is a historic day.  I not the first Black mayor but I am the first person who is going to move this city forward.  It will be fun working together with the council.”  He added, “The people didn’t elect me to sit and do nothing.”

“This town has seen it all… growth, stagnation, oil and gas boom,” said the Mayor. His theme is to get everyone motivated.  Jones said, “It’s time to get the work done.  Start doing things a little different.  If you don’t like change move out of the way.”

The new Mayor got the most “amens” from the gathering when he spoke about doing something about injustice.  Jones promised, “I’ll spend a lot of time and energy to reform our criminal justice system.  We need to get young people the help they need.  How do you help by incarceration?”

He also called upon citizens to give respect to police officers.  Jones said, “If my officers stop you, be courteous.  Show them respect.  Don’t take your frustration out on them, see me.”  With that Jones promised an open administration.  “Come to me if you have a problem,” said Jones.  But he added, “sometimes the answer you get may not be the one you wanted.”

After congratulations and thanks all around, Mayor Jones set the tone for his coming four years, “We’ll create unity in this community.”

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