50 Miles of Treasurers

Some might call it a treasure hunt, others a garage sale, but by whatever name you call it there is a trash or treasure for everyone along the 50 Mile Trail of Treasurers.  The annual event is held on the second Saturday in October.

Last week Janice Fontenot of Stonewall, the trail coordinator, held meetings in Grand Cane and Stonewall on the large job of planning and coordinating the trail.  The Journal went to the Grand Cane meeting and was brought up to date on this years event.

The trail runs from Stonewall to Logansport through Grand Cane and Mansfield and everywhere in between.  This is a “Yall Come” event.  There is no admission charged to visit, shop and buy.  And there is no entry fee or booth rental charged to vendors or individuals who want to sell their wares.

The planning group had representatives of all of the communities along the trail.  They are looking forward to good weather and great shopping all along the way.

Note the map accompanying this article is from several years ago. It will be updated with a revised list of trail sponsors and will be distributed at a later date.