The Director Gets Her Chair

A custom embroidered Director’s Chair was presented to Carole Canfield by the Back Alley Theatre at the group’s annual board meeting on Monday night.  Canfield worked with the theatre for many years dating back to her debut as a director in 2003.

Linda Sibley made the presentation, which took Canfield by surprise.  Sibley said, “I met her in 1980 when she moved to the area as a substitute teacher, and she helped with high school plays.  Back Alley Theatre was started in 2001 and she was there from the beginning.”

“The best way to honor Carole for her service and leadership for over 20 years is to maintain her standard of ethics,” said Sibley.  She added, “Make sure the plays we put on are for the whole family and they are good plays.”

Canfield’s expertise at fundraising was also noted.  Sibley saiud, “The community was always so supportive, and Carole could find donors and recruit workers for our projects.”

Sibley concluded, “We will honor you best by keeping Back Alley Theatre alive.” 

Canfield was thankful as she told the group, “We did it because it is fun putting on a play.  We kept a good quality product so the community would want to invest in us.”  And she added, “There have been so many good people around me to help out.  I thank you all.”