Israel Trip Presented to Mansfield Lions Club

The speaker Tuesday to the Mansfield Lions Club was Lion Robert Powell.  He made a fascinating presentation on the different trips he and his family have taken to Israel.  He discussed the surrounding geography of the area and the layout of the City of Jerusalem with all its gates and different ethnic and religious quarters that divide the city. 

During the question and answer period, Powell concluded by answering the two questions he is always asked:  #1.Was it dangerous? And the answer is NO. #2. Would you go again?  And the answer is YES!

Also, during the meeting Club President, Terri Byrd, congratulated the Lions on hosting a very successful fundraiser with last Friday’s Jambalaya Dinners.  All proceeds will go to the Louisiana Lions Children’s Camp near Leesville, La.  The Camp is wholly funded by the Lions Clubs of Louisiana and offers a week-long camping experience for challenged youth.  Byrd said, “Thanks to everyone who supported this worthy cause.”

The Lions meet again on October 11 for lunch at the Clista A. Calhoun Center for a catered lunch, an interesting speaker and great networking so swing by and check them out.