4-H Pumpkin Decorators

Congratulations to the winners of the 4-H Pumpkin Decorating contest at Logansport High.  Here are the winners:

4th – 8th grade:

1st place best Halloween theme: Ace Wheless

1st place best Cartoon Theme: Chloe Adkison

1st place best 4H Theme: Kayson Bamburg

Most Creative:

1st place: Chloe Adkison

2nd place: Nash Odom

3rd place: Ace Wheless

4th place: Kayson Bamburg

Best Overall: Chloe Adkison

9-12 division:

Best Decorated:

1st place: Matti Franklin

2nd place: Lyndzeyd Odom

3rd place: Juana Hernandez

4th place: Sadie Gresham

Best Carved:

1st place: Juana Hernandez

2nd place: Sadie Gresham

Best Overall: Matti Franklin