Senator Speaks in Stonewall

By Nicole Tull

Stonewall Community Center opened its doors last Tuesday to over 250 folks in the community that came to hear US Senator John Kennedy.  US Congressman Mike Johnson welcomed the constituents for their turnout and introduced Kennedy. Along with Johnson, a full table of local officials flanked Kennedy as he spoke; Rep. Larry Bagley, Rep. Barry Milligan, Sherriff Jayson Richardson, Mayor of Stonewall Ken Kaffka and DeSoto Republican Party representative Layne Huckabay.

Kennedy has served previously as Secretary of Dept. of Revenue and State Treasurer before becoming a US Senator.  He is currently running for reelection this year.

Kennedy was named one of eight most effective republican senators by Center for Effective Law Making. He serves on the Appropriations committee currently.

Kennedy boasts of fighting for Louisiana’s fair share of federal monies without being wasteful or greedy. He spoke on being careful to scrutinize bills brought before him. He compared a recent bill that was being pushed with “buying a car for the cupholders”.

Kennedy spoke on his accomplishments that affect Americans concerning jobs, healthcare, crime, inflation, military and several more line items.  He spoke on choosing not to allow hatred to influence his office and life. He believes in the dignity of able-bodied people working. He believes in support of law enforcement. He believes that the future of America can be better that its present or past. He ended with saying we are only as good as our dreams and as valuable as our children.

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