Water Shortage Update December 26

From Mayor Thomas Jones

We have just gotten an update from our water plant operator and water treatment supervisors that we are still pumping water to the system but had a pump to go down earlier at the treatment facility. During that time, we lost the level in our elevated tanks, which lowered our water capacity and pressure significantly. All pumps are currently pumping, and water flow is at its maximum.

The goal is to get the elevated tanks at a level today that will give the system enough pressure to get water to all of our customers.

As you spend Christmas with Family and Friends, I ask for your continued patient as our city employees work to get everything back to normal for all our water customers.

God Bless!!

Waterworks District 1

Update Christmas Day

Sorry to report that we have lost pressure over the entire system due to customer leaks and dripping faucets.  We will restore pressure as soon as possible when we can get water back into tanks.  Please check around your house for water in strange places.  Help us help you.  Everyone will be under a “boil advisory” until further notice.  You do not “have” to boil your water; this is only a notice of low pressure and that contaminants could have entered the system.  We have not had a line break.  This applies to customers of Waterworks District #1. 

South Desoto Water System

Issued 2 days ago.

At this time we are requesting that you check all water lines and cut off at the meter if needed. The water tanks are losing water quickly. We believe this is due to home pipes breaking. If our employees have to cut meters off, you will be locked out until the leak is fixed.

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