Mayor Thomas Jones Shares End of Year Progress Report for the City Of Mansfield

From The Desk Of Mayor Thomas Jones, Jr.

During my first six months as Mayor of Mansfield, we hired a full-time Code Enforcement Officer who has been intimately engaged in instituting a comprehensive plan to beautify our city. Pastor Ronnie Morris has worked with several of the council members and community volunteers in their perspective districts in removing trash and debris from ditches and roadways. Community service workers, trustees, youth groups and adult volunteers have all contributed to our clean-up efforts. The city has also purchased another dumpster to facilitate the clean-up efforts, especially with the demolition of dilapidated houses and abandoned, trashed properties. As of today, seventeen dilapidated houses have been removed, several others are in the process of being removed. Twenty-Three properties that had extreme overgrowth have been cleaned. We will purchase one more dumpster in early 2023 to further expand our clean-up campaign in our Mansfield communities.

Another area that we have placed a high priority is our police department. When I started working as mayor, the department was understaffed with six vacancies. Today, our Police Department is fully staffed including the addition of a veteran female detective. We have also purchased two new police cars to replace older units in our fleet.

Over the past 6 years, our Fire Department has been requesting a new modernized fire truck. We looked at our budget and financial position regarding available liquidity and determined that we could afford the purchase. We now have the new Fire Truck, and it is fully equipped and ready for fire response. In addition, a new Sprinter Truck (Medical Response Vehicle) was purchased.

Our Public Works departments were also severely understaffed, which was causing unwarranted hardships for the entire workforce. None of our Garbage Trucks were in service when I took the office of mayor. Employees were having to use trucks, loaders, and trailers to pick up trash on the daily routes. This was an embarrassment for the city that lasted for weeks. It took a few weeks after learning about this that we turned things around. Today, we have filled all seven vacancies in public works and all three Garbage Trucks have been repaired and are available for service.

Since taking office as Mayor of Mansfield, our employees have gained added benefits for them and their families. City employees and their spouses received a free $3000 Life Insurance Policy through Globe Life. Employees now have Short Term Disability, which has never been a part of the benefits package offered by the city. The city council also approved a budget amendment to allow us to give all employees $2000 Premium Pay from the American Rescue Plan Act funds received this year. Wages for new employees have been adjusted upward to offset the continuous increase in the cost of living. Current employee salaries are being increased as well to assure fairness and equity in compensation.

In an effort to continue moving our city into the 21st Century, we have posted a new Human Resources Director position to be filled in early 2023. We will then be able to take a thorough look at our policies and procedures while creating job descriptions with pay ranges for all positions within the City of Mansfield.

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