Friends of the Sheriff Vehicle Decals Announced

It is no secret that there is a special place in the heart of Sheriff Jayson Richardson for those in our community living with Special Needs. From the Bringing Joye Program to the form in our Sheriff App to notate a home address, we want to ensure that ALL residents are served with the utmost care and respect. That is why Sheriff Richardson is launching the “Friends of the Sheriff” vehicle decals.

Residents may drop by our front office in Mansfield to get a sticker for each of their vehicles that will help First Responders better serve the public. Some information such as license plate # and home address may be required so that we are also able to notate this in our dispatch systems as well. In the event of an accident or encounter, First Responders can quickly recognize (both visually and through our systems) that there may be a person with Autism, Downs, Dementia, Hearing Impairment, PTSD, etc., in the vehicle, and they may respond accordingly. This helps all parties on scene better approach, assist, and serve those individuals in nearly any situation. To get your sticker, stop by the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office in Mansfield beginning on Tuesday, January 17th! For questions, you may email Deputy of Public Relations, Mark Pierce at

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