State Representative Larry Bagley (R – Logansport) Announces His Candidacy For Re-Election To House District 7

State Representative Larry Bagley (R – Logansport) announces his candidacy for re-election for his final term to House District 7. Larry Bagley is certainly no stranger to the people of House District 7; consisting of Caddo, DeSoto and Sabine parishes. As a resident of Logansport, having dedicated 44 years to teaching and coaching, and being an active participant in the local governmental and civic organizations; there is no part of District 7 that Bagley hasn’t impacted. During his time as a teacher and coach, he served as President of the DeSoto Parish Teachers Association and as President of the Louisiana Association of Basketball Coaches.

After retiring from the education system as Assistant Principal, Bagley served two terms as a Logansport City Councilman before he was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives District 7 in 2015. His 1st term began in January, 2016, and he was re-elected unopposed in 2019. Since day 1 in office, Bagley has been focused on delivering results for the people of District 7. He has been instrumental in bringing state dollars back to District 7 for infrastructure improvements, securing additional funding for our rural hospitals in DeSoto and Sabine Parishes, making sure that all our local municipalities received funds for their local projects, supporting our Council on Aging, passing teacher pay increases, protecting waiver services, and helping protect and grow funding for Holy Angels. For infrastructure, the two major road projects are Highway 3276 which was completed last year and Highway 5 which will be finished this year. In addition, last year Bagley was able to secure a million dollars for each Economic District in the state to help identify locations to bring businesses and jobs to our state. This mirrors successful programs in other states and will help our region be more competitive with other states and South Louisiana.

Larry Bagley works hard to make sure that every vote he makes will help the people of his district. He is a strong champion of individual freedoms and will protect the rights of gun owners and hunters. From the beginning, Bagley desired to be a State Representative you can talk to, because he learned from his educational experience that being available to talk is the best way to resolve situations. He is proud to have been that State Representative for his first two terms and will continue to be if he is blessed to be elected for his final term.

Because of his commitment to match his votes with the desires of District 7, Bagley has received numerous awards for his voting record. The Patient Champion Award, Friend of Education Award, Patient Award, the Family Advocate Award, Most Valuable Policyholder Legislator, Top Advocate for North La Economic Development, Governors Outstanding Leadership of Disabilities Award are just some of the recognitions that he has received during his first two terms. 

In the legislature, Bagley serves as Chairman of the House Health and Welfare Committee as well as members of the House Select Leadership Committee, the Joint Select Committee on Louisiana Economic Recovery, and the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget. He is also a member of the House Rural Caucus and the Republican Delegation.

When not serving the people of District 7, Bagley is the manager and co-owner of Bagley Farms in Longstreet and an active member of the First United Methodist Church of Logansport; previously serving as a lay leader. Bagley Farms is his family’s business where oil, gas, and timber are the three largest sources of income today. However, that hasn’t always been the case. A dairy and beef farm at one time, Bagley, as the oldest of four children, was counted on to help manage the family farm. This gave him the opportunity to learn about hard work, accountability, and the sanctity of life. He has used these tools to find success in life, on the basketball court, and in his service to the people of District 7.

Larry Bagley has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baptist Christian College of Shreveport in Elementary Education, a Master of Education degree from Stephen F. Austin University, and +30 from Northwestern Louisiana University.