Fire Tax Passes; Sales Tax Defeated

DeSoto Parish voters have defeated a ¼% sales and use tax proposition by a wide margin.  Final vote was 995 or 56% against and 773 or 44% in favor of the tax.  Again, voters have turned down a tax that would benefit the parish animal shelter and other entities.

The sales tax would have been a permanent tax that proponents estimated would produce $2,000,000 annually.  In additional to the animal shelter, the tax would have funded mosquito control and activities relating to nonprofit activities such as the DeSoto Council on Aging.

The other tax proposition on the ballot in Fire District 2 passed by a wide margin.  The vote was 115 or 57% in favor and 86 or 43% in opposition.  This was a ten year renewal of an 11 mill tax on all property n Fire Protection District 2.  It is estimated that the property tax will raise about $1,102,600 a year.

Around 12% of the registered voters in the parish cast ballots in Saturday’s election.