Stonewall to I-49 Road Repairs Underway

A heavily traveled connector route in Stonewall, DeSoto Parish will soon undergo major improvements in the form of a $14.3 million repair project.

Construction on LA 3276 (Stonewall-Frierson Road) is set to officially begin on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. LA 3276 connects US 171 and I-49, and services an average of over 9,000 vehicles per day.

The contractor, Earnest Contracting, LLC, has already completed the full-depth patching portion of the project. Full-depth patching is a long-lasting method used to repair the base layers on certain sections of roadway and strengthen the existing pavement.

This project will also be utilizing a technology called Geocell, which is used in construction to provide structural reinforcement for load support in the base of the roadway, a critical component of this particular project.

Geocells are expandable panels made of high-density polymer material that when expanded, create a three-dimensional grid structure that can be filled with material and compacted.

The Geocell grid for this project will be installed and then filled with stone, followed by two inches of stone on top of the grid, and then 6 inches of asphalt will be applied, creating a smooth driving surface and strong base underneath.

All of the connecting driveways along this 4.6 mile stretch of LA 3276 will be adjusted for the increased height of the road due to the use of the Geocell technology, and then tied back into the highway.

The project also includes drainage work, curb and gutter, and permanent signage and striping installation. During construction, lane width restrictions of no wider than 10 feet will be in place.

The entire project is anticipated to be complete in early 2025, with progress dependent on weather conditions and other factors that may impact construction timelines.

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