Inmates, Arrests & Stats Update

An update from the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office:

Many of you may have noticed by now that our “Inmate Roster” website is down, both online and in the Sheriff App.  Yes, we know all you nosey folks out there (like us) need to get the tea on what’s going on in the parish.  (seriously, the site gets over 10,000 hits per day)  The truth is, we’ve migrated over to a new software, and it is being reconnected as we speak.  This new software allows us to pull the stats below much faster, and we thought we’d share.  You can expect the Inmate Roster to come back online in the DeSoto Sheriff App by Wednesday (fingers crossed) and the website shortly after.  So, to satisfy those nosey desires a bit, we thought we’d share the following stats, so you are all able to get your fix until that day arrives.  Check this out:

Between Monday, June 12th and Today (7 days):

– 446 Total Calls for Service


4 calls regarding illegal use of ATVs on Roadways

5 calls regarding Harassment

5 calls regarding a Unwanted Person(s)

6 calls regarding Livestock or Dogs at Large

7 calls regarding Disturbing the Peace

7 calls regarding Theft and/or Burglary

14 calls regarding Traffic Accidents

14 calls regarding Disputes, Fights, Domestic Disturbances

15 calls regarding Reckless Operation

15 calls regarding a Welfare Check

15 calls regarding Suspicious Person/Vehicle/Activity

20 calls regarding Burglary Alarms

24 calls regarding Downed Power Lines

42 calls regarding Trees Across the Road

180+ calls regarding drivers requesting assistance, traffic stops, flat tires changed, out of gas, stranded motorists, or traffic control.

Of course, there are various other calls in there that aren’t shown, but this is a pretty decent relevant summary.  When we start back publishing the Weekly Arrest Report, who would want to see something like this posted more frequently