Storm Recovery Update

Recovery efforts are well underway following a series of storms that moved through the parish late last week.  Many residents remain without power.  And the work of clearing away all the downed trees and debris is just beginning.

Cooling Station in Stonewall:  The Stonewall Substation (Government Plaza) was open again Tuesday morning (8am – 4:30pm) for those seeking a place to cool off, charge devices, and grab water and a snack. In addition, Fire District 3 will remain available after business hours as well. 

1746 Hwy 171 in Stonewall – Substation

5200 Hwy 3276 in Stonewall – Fire Dist 3

Road closures as of Tuesday morning


UPDATED Tuesday @8am:  It would appear that all roadways are back open at this time.  You may experience some areas that are passable but still have debris close to or on the sides of the roadway, until a full cleanup can be conducted.  Please be careful, and mindful of your surroundings.  Thank you to all that shared our posts during this storm.

UPDATED Saturday @ 3pm: The following is a list of roadways previously deemed closed due to downed trees and/or power lines. We have updated these to reflect what we know to be cleared or remain closed.  Some are currently being double-checked now, and may reflect an update momentarily.

✅ Passable = you may cautiously pass through

🚨 Not Passable = do not attempt traveling 

⚠️Checking = we are currently working to confirm

✅- Hwy 5 at Westwood Dr. (passable)

✅- 484 Blunt Mill Rd   (passable)

✅- Red Bluff Rd (passable)

✅- 171 at Duncan Road (passable)

✅- 306 Meadow Dr. (passable)

✅- Hwy 3015 West of Smyrna (passable)

✅- Hwy 5 at Jesse Latin Rd (passable)

✅- Long Rd Gloster  (passable)

✅- Hwy 175 north of I49 (passable)

✅- Linwood Rd north of 3276 (passable)

✅- L B Bailey Rd (not passable)

✅- Hwy 172 west of Hwy 169 (passable)

✅- Jefferson St. at Schley St. (passable)

✅- Mounce Rd at Blunt Mill Rd (passable)

✅- 300 Block of Jeanne Ln (passable)

✅- Holly St and Third St in GC (passable)

✅- 183 B B Lane Stonewall (passable)

✅- 379 Harris Rd  Keatchie (passable)

✅- 1432 Stanley Rd (passable)

✅- 144 Marr Rd  (passable)

✅- 156 Cartwheel Dr (passable)

✅- 1763 Jessie Latin Rd  (passable)

✅- 193 J2B Ln  (passable)

✅- 213 Jackie Ln (passable)

✅- 275 Bozman Rd (passable)

✅- 379 Harris Rd  (passable)

✅- 396 Meadow Dr (passable)

✅- 519 Woodlawn Park (passable)

✅- 522 Vinson Dr  (passable)

✅- 7457 Hwy 5. (passable)

✅- Black Oak Dr (passable)

✅- Third St and Beech St (passable)

✅- Palmer Rd off Hwy 481 (passable)

We will be updating this list live on this Facebook post as we receive new information.