Missing Equipment

Fire District #1 posted, “As we are getting equipment together for this year’s 4th of July fireworks show on the Logansport riverfront, we have discovered that one of our floating docks that the fireworks are built on has gone missing. It was last seen a couple weeks ago. We have been up and down the river but have not spotted it anywhere.

Fire District #1 requested help finding this floating dock.  It is a vital part of the show that our town enjoys so much.  This entire show is possible through donations to cover the cost of the fireworks and materials.  This floating dock was also donated to the department for our use during the show. When not in use it is secured at the edge of the river just north of the stage.  Shooting from the water upriver is the only way we are able to use the bigger commercial fireworks that we use and still have room for the crowds at the river front. 

If you see the floating dock, contact the fire station at 318-697-5150.