Horn Gets Death Penalty

Statement from the Office of the District Attorney:

Today, our endeavor to seek Justice has taken another step forward.  Today, a jury of ordinary citizens, performing an extraordinary duty, has determined that Brian Horn deserves the ultimate punishment for his deliberate cruelty to Justin Bloxom, his deliberate killing of Justin Bloxom.  Brian Horn, while trying to satisfy his sadistic sexual perversion for children, methodically lured 12 year old Justin from the safety and security of his friend’s home, by pretending to be a 15 year old girl.  The evidence proved that Justin fought his attacker valiantly, only to be suffocated and killed by Horn.

The death penalty is appropriate and necessary for this criminal and this crime.  The depths of Brian Horn’s depravity cannot be overstated.  The harm he has inflicted upon this family, this community, and society in general has unequivocally and appropriately provoked a righteous anger.

St. Thomas Aquinas has noted that the presence of evil SHOULD provide a righteous anger, AND, moreover, the absence of righteous anger in the presence of evil, constitutes a sinful insensibility.

This trial has been orderly, professional, and reasonably directed toward seeking the vindication of the heinous death of Justin Bloxom, a vindication of the damage Brian Horn, has done to this family, this community, and our society, in order to restore peace and faith in our system of criminal justice.

Because we as prosecutors have responsibilities for preserving justice for the whole of our community, it sometimes becomes necessary to use force to obtain the ends of Justice.  We take these responsibilities solemnly, seriously, prudently, and deliberately.  This is our duty.

While we have taken another step towards Justice, Justice has not yet been fully served.

On behalf of this office, Justin’s family, and all of DeSoto Parish, I wish to thank the jurors for their devotion to their difficult and awesome responsibility; the court system and law enforcement in Vernon Parish; the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Department, all of the other law enforcement departments and individuals, and our own court staff for each of your roles in this endeavor to seek justice.