Mansfield Rotary Club

The Club heard from fellow Rotarian and new Club V.P. Lisa Lobrano Burson about the prosecution side of the second Brian Horne murder trial. From jury selection and choosing among the many personality types, the challenges of sequestering all the selected members, to the “business of the trial”. 

Fascinating stuff especially since in attendance at the meeting were Rotary members and Judge at the first Horne murder trial, Robert Burgess, and lead Investigator on the case, Robbo Davidson.  It was fascinating to hear these three discuss the different challenges that arose in the trial and the fortunate way the Prosecution was able to use them.  We are all proud of the guilty conviction that the Jury arrived at after only a few minutes! 

The next Rotary meeting is 8/02/23 at the Genealogical Library in the Mansfield Female College for lunch.  They would love to have you join them!