Public rifle sighting for DeSoto hunters

Sheriff Jayson Richardson will open the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office Rifle Range to public on October 21 from 9am until 3 pm. DeSoto Parish hunters will have the opportunity to sight in their rifles for hunting season. Sheriff Richardson is pleased to offer this service to residents free of charge in a safe environment. The service is designed to allow proper sighting without the worry of disturbing neighbors in nearby areas.

The Range will have shooting lanes open with targets at 100 yards. All stations will be equipped with a shooting bench and lead sled to assist hunters. Basic targets will be available at the range, but shooters are allowed to bring their own targets.

Residents will need to bring their own weapons, ammunition, hearing and eye protection. Limited hearing and eye protection may be available at the range if needed. A Range Instructor as well as other deputies will be on site and available to assist citizens to ensure safety. Registration is not required, however the range will only be open to DeSoto Parish residents.

DeSoto Parish Training Facility
120 Sprocket Ln., Grand Cane, LA