Stonewall Library Shows Support To A Local Author

By: Rebekah Fatheree

Stonewall Library has all the books written by Jann Franklin. These items were put into a collection for the public to check out. Jann Franklin’s books were also the Stonewall staff picks of the month and had them displayed in front of the circulation area.

About the Author:
Jann Franklin lives in Grand Cane, Louisiana. Over three hundred other people also live in Grand Cane, and many of Jann’s chapters came from her weekly visits at the downtown coffee shop. She and her husband John enjoy Sundays at Grand Cane Baptist Church, dinner with family and friends, and watching the lightning bugs in their backyard. Their kids come to visit, when they aren’t too busy living their big-city lives.

She graduated from high school in Russellville, another small town in Arkansas. She obtained her accounting degree from Baylor University in Waco, Texas and moved to Dallas in 1989. She still dabbles in accounting but has taken up writing to satisfy her creative side. Like Jen Guidry, she never appreciated her small-town upbringing until she was encouraged to move back to one. Now she cannot imagine living any other way.