Updated-Incident at Stanley High

Stanley High School issued this statement on an incident at the school on Thursday.

Student safety is our number one priority.  Stanley High School is dedicated to maintaining a strong partnership with parents in an effort to provide the very best education for students.  Key to that partnership is open communication.  For this reason, I want to inform you of an incident that recently occurred on our campus.

On February 3, 2022, SHS Administration received information that there was a potential threat of violence against the school.  In partnership with law enforcement, a thorough, immediate investigation was conducted, and it was determined that there is no threat of danger at this time.  The student in question has been removed by law enforcement for questioning.

Together, we will continue to provide a broad and superior security network for the safety of students and staff.  In our district, your children come first.  Thank you for entrusting them in our care.

Earlier the DeSoto Sheriff’s Office issued this statement on the incident:

On Thursday, Stanley High SRO and investigators were tipped off to a potential threat that was made toward Stanley High School.  We want the public to first understand that there is no threat of danger at this time. 

The individual in question has been removed from campus for questioning, and an investigation is taking place.  No weapons were located.  This situation was handled swiftly, taking all precautions for the safety of faculty and students.