Spotlight at MHS

Mansfield High School recognized the August student and teacher spotlights.  Principal Ross asks students and teachers to email nominations and will continue to do so each week.

The first Mansfield High School Teacher Spotlight for the school year goes to Mr. Dufour. Mr. Dufour is a Mansfield High School graduate, teaches English III, AP English, and Speech. He was nominated by one of his students, Makenzie Clements. Mackenzie  says, “Mr. Dufour allowed us all to introduce ourselves to one another on the first day of school. He is very nice and always makes me feel comfortable in class.”  Thank you, Mr. Dufour, for promoting a positive classroom environment on the first day of school, setting the tone for the remainder of the school year. An administrator went to Mr. Dufour’s class where Makenzie presented Mr. Dufour with some of his favorite things, courtesy of the school. Mr. Dufour was the first Teacher Spotlight last school year as well.

The first Mansfield High School Student Spotlight is Derrick Mitchell. Derrick is a freshman. He was nominated by Baby Z. Baby Z says, “He always has his work finished early; he asks to be moved ahead and when I ask him to be a mini Z (teacher helper), he does so with no problems.  He does not give them the answer; he reaches one and teaches one like I showed him.  He is always prepared for class, does what is asked of him and gives more than my required 100% daily.” An administrator went to Derrick’s class with Baby Z,  receiving some treats from the school administration.